Tessa Noel

First Appearence
"The Gathering" - Season 1

Death of Tessa Noel
"The Darkness" - Season 2

Tessa imposter (Lisa Milon)
"Counterfeit Part 1" - Season 2
"Counterfeit Part 2" - Season 2

Tessa Returned
"To Be" - Season 6
"Not To Be" - Season 6

Tessa was born on August 24, 1958 in Paris, France. She met Duncan in 1980 while working as a tour guide in Paris. Duncan was running from an immortal named Kuyler and jumped on the boat while it was sailing. ("For Evil's Sake" - Season 1) He made a big impression on Tessa. Duncan told Tessa of his immortality on April 1, 1983. ("Counterfeit Part 2" - Season 2) Tessa was co-owner of MacLeod & Noel Antiques. She was a kind hearted person and a talented artist. Tessa acted as a mother figure toward Richie. She and Duncan took Richie in, helped get him off the street and turned his life around. On October 23, 1993 Tessa and Richie were both shot by a mugger. ("The Darkness" - Season 2) Richie became Immortal. Tessa died.

Tessa is played by Alexandra Vandernoot.
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