Updated 19th Oct 01
Hello and welcome to Adult Catchphrase!

It's a childish game of Catchphrase for grownups.

Say what you see, and remember there's no bell.

All-new Flash version of Adult Catchphrase is being created as you read this.
With over 30 catchphrases and "super-catchphrases" (and less shit).
And don't worry - Roy Walker will still be your host.

Let's Play!
Please note that the catchphrases take a little time to load for the first time - please be patient!

You are contestant number Countersince the first broadcast on Thursday 29th July 1999.

There had been more viewers but Yahoo/Geocities lost the ratings information
in yet another "cock-up" that even Denis Norden would be proud of.
They also deleted the guestbook, so I've started a new one...
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