What YOU can do!

Please e-mail your little butts off....For the ABC & CBS address and e-mails express your displeasure with NBC and that you will follow AW ANYWHERE!!!!As for the CBS & ABC news programs please tell them about the SAVEAW Committee of fans and our rally. Also for the NBC program address tell them how horridly upset you are about the injustice NBC has done to loyal fans. And of course abut the SaveAW Committe of fans. Direct any e-mails not to the sender which would be you but to one of the below Committee members. Thank you....

PLEASE CONCENTRATE ON P&G!!!! Lucky121Duran24(aw-girl)JennLorias

E-mails!!!!!! Snail Mail!!

As I said before keep checking this page I will be changing it as often as the info arrives. Thanks ALL!!