I remember the good old days, don't you? The days where pinball machines meant (and said) something, where audiences got swept up,
and supermodels got swept away to Malibu, not just once,
but twice.
When dancers found their dreams come true in moments yet to be. When being in each others arms took away all of their cares in the world,
when they knew there was no other place they belonged,
and when they knew that dreams really do come true.
And most importantly, when dancing in the rain meant promises, "when every second of my entire life has been leading up to this moment," and when one bride-to-be is certain to remind her husband, on their pre-honeymoon, that "love heals everything."
And finally, it was when Brenda assured Jax,
"Please remember that our story has a happy ending."
That's what I remember!