Chapter Seven

Subj: Snow/what I love
Date: 01-31-99 1:32:26 EST

I love the snow. I love the way it dances and twirls, each coupling of flakes daring to be nature’s Fred and Ginger. It sparkles and gleams in the moonlight, so beautiful and natural. I love looking out at the fallen snow, pure and untouched, and it makes me feel safe in my loneliness, like I have my own little corner of Earth that I can preserve, if only for a little bit. Like one of those little shakable snow globe souvenirs. I love that quality about my life.

I used to hate the snow. It made me feel isolated and alone, like I was all by myself in the world. But lately.. .. .. now, I like it because I *know* that I’m not alone. I never have been; I never will be. I have myself, my own two feet, and I can use them to make whatever footprints in the newly fallen snow that I want.



The next day, sure enough, was filled with bickering and bantering between Port Charles’ own bizarre version of the Odd Couple. When they finally agreed to both shovel snow together, Jax had chastised Brenda for choosing to wear her stylish leather pea coat, instead of the brand-new ski jacket he saw hanging in the front closet. She had yelled at him for accidentally shoveling up some of the pink tulips that lined the walk to the front door. Jax couldn’t handle anymore; he had been trying so hard to understand her, get to know her, and figure out how she could have two absolutely split personalities. "Fine, Brenda. Fine! You shovel your precious path, and I’ll handle the driveway! Is that acceptable to you, Princess?" The second the words left his mouth, Jax regretted them. Of all the stupid things to say. He turned around trying to compose his thoughts, afraid that he may have let the cat out of the bag. "Look, Brenda, I’m sorry, but there’s something." he hesitated a second, lost in the depths of her brown eyes. "There’s something I need to tell-"
His confession was cut-off as a well-aimed snowball hit him square in the face. Jax was shocked that she had such good aim, and that she had the nerve to start a snowball fight with him, considering his tremendous physical advantage. Before the shock wore off, Brenda nailed Jax twice more in the head, before taking off around the side of the house. Leaping over the space where her row of tulips would bloom, she yelled back to him "Don’t touch my flowers!"
Brenda made it into the backyard, and halfway down towards the pond, before she realized that the snow was above her knees, her jeans were soaked, and Jax was no where to be seen. She turned to head back toward the house, dropping the snowballs she had been carrying, when she was suddenly pummeled from behind with at least eight snowballs. She stumbled for a second, before letting out a blood curdling cry of agony. Jax leaped over a snow bank, and coming from behind, couldn’t see the grin spreading out across Brenda’s face. "Brenda! Are you okay?" She leaned back against him as he tried to see if she was hurt. "What happened?"
She turned to him, looking far too happy, he noticed. "You underestimated me!" Before Jax could react to the feel of her hand on his chest, he found himself flat on his back, being attacked with snowballs by Brenda, who, in the course of his fall, had ended up straddling his lap. Suddenly, it wasn’t so cold out.
In one swift move, Jax had reversed their position, and the fire in Brenda’s eyes seemed to be daring him to get her back. All Jax wanted to do was get her: in his arms, in his bed, in his life: forever. Brenda shivered and Jax lowered his mouth toward hers, and as his lips made their final descent, Brenda turned her head quickly and sneezed multiple times. As his lips singed the skin by her ear, Brenda shivered and sneezed again. As he kissed her forehead, Jax was startled to realize that she was burning up, and though he prided himself on having such an effect on women, he knew that she was sick.



Jax approached the foot of the stairs, realizing that he was not cut out to play nursemaid to Brenda; doctor sounded much more to his liking. "Yes, Brenda?"

"Can I hab sombe bore juice?"

"Yes, Brenda."

"And the files on the desk in by tower?"

"Yes, Brenda."

"And by combputer?"

"Yes, Brenda."

Jax headed up to her bedroom for the umpteenth time, deposited her juice, and then went to retrieve her things from the tower. "What are you doing with the Valentine’s Benefit files?" Brenda took a sip of her juice, and snatched the files from his hands.

"Not that it’s any ob your business, but-"

"Actually it IS my business, since I’m-"

"Jax, I’b kidding. Since for sombe odd reason, Lois and I don’t have a job, Lucy is lebbing us organize the benefit." He sat down on the edge of her bed and ran his hand along her forehead, smiling.

"Look’s like your fever is coming down. Let me know what I can do to help, okay? With anything. I’m leaving in the morning for London, and I won’t be back until the 11th, okay? But I’ll leave my numbers and where you can
get a hold of me on the fridge. I need to start packing, but if you need anything, I’m here."

"I know." Jax kissed her forehead and Brenda smiled contentedly; he wasn’t sure if it was his kiss or the Nyquil she had just taken. Neither was she.

Jax headed downstairs, and checked his e-mail, cursing himself for not checking it sooner. "Good one, Jax. Why don’t you put your foot in your mouth again."

Subj: Re: Snow/what I love
Date: 01-31-99 21:11:46 EST

Don’t tell me you’re all ice and no fire? I wouldn’t believe that for a second. I love this time in winter, when the holidays are over and a new year has begun. It’s a time when you can really stop to notice the slight chill on your cheek, or the snowflakes in your hair. I feel like I have all of the time in the world to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me, and I have you to thank for it because you are the beauty. You’re a snow angel, and I guess I’m just afraid that one of these days, you’ll spread your wings, and fly away from me.

Don’t fly away from me, BB, but fly nonetheless: soar, take a deep breath and go for it, trust yourself, trust me, but don’t fly away, my angel.