Chapter Sixteen

Gerardo was an unusually busy man this morning, seeing as how the Jacks' Puerto Vallarta home was filled to capacity. He had already prepared young Serena and Lucas' breakfasts of cereal, fruit, and juice, and with Senor Jerry working up quite an appetite swimming his usual morning laps, Gerardo was busy preparing a large breakfast buffet for the guests.

Jerry glided through the water easily, and after completing a series of laps, he climbed out of the pool, shielding his eyes from the early morning sun, as it reflected off of both the ocean and the pool. As he turned to enter the house, something in the reflection on the glass doors caught his eye. "Bloody hell! It can't be!"


"No, Ms. Hallaway, we won't do it again….Yes, Ms. Hallaway, we know that the liquor was mean for the school's bicentennial celebration…. Yes, Ms. Hallaway, Miss Davis and I are very sorry for breaking the rules….Yes, Ms. Hallaway, we know that underage drinking is not allowed on the grounds of this school….No, Ms. Hallaway, please do not call our parents….Yes, Ms. Hallaway, we accept the punishment….No, Ms. Hallaway, we won't do it again. We promise. No, Ms. Hallaway, we are not going to be sick…. Yes, Ms. Hallaway, we are very sorry about your shoes." Brenda tossed and turned, lost the memory of the only other time in her life she had felt so awful. She murmured and rolled over, alarmed to feel that the bed below her was moving as well. I must be more sick than I thought!

Jax couldn't imagine that he could feel much worse: it felt like someone was jabbing their elbows into his stomach, and his head was pounding. It was like there was a lead weight on his chest. Well, not a lead lead weight…more like one that had the silkiest skin he had ever felt, and whose hair smelled like vanilla. No, it couldn't be. He'd have to drink more often; this was one hell of a dream.

He reached out and stroked her hair and her shoulders. Brenda rolled back toward him, and in a dreamy and drunken stupor herself, she smiled. As Jax kissed just the tip of her nose, the feel of kiss lips just millimeters from hers, was too much for Brenda to bear. She wove her fingers into his blonde hair, and pulled her lips to his. Jax could feel the contented smile spread it's way across her face in the second before their lips melted into one another. He pulled her on top of him, and felt her body spread out over him. The very same body that had been shaking and gyrating next to him, last night at the club. With Brenda's lips still sensually stroking his, Jax found himself lost in the memory of the night before. The bass line pounded in his ears, and he could hear people dancing and making thunderous noise. As Jax pulled Brenda even closer to him, daring to dip his tongue into her anxious mouth, the music increased, as if in a dream. Jax pried his lips away from hers, to place tiny kisses along her jawline and neck, but Brenda immediately captured his mouth in another searing kiss, only this time, the sensation wasn't nearly as pleasurable. In fact, Jax felt like he was going to-

Brenda was startled to feel Jax rips his lips away from hers, jump up, and attempt to run to the bathroom. When her opened eyes revealed a spinning room bathed in bright sunlight, she rolled over, burying her head under a pillow. The pillow served as an ample shield from the sun for the two seconds she was under it, before she got the urge to join Jax in the bathroom.

She rapped on the bathroom door, and walked in to the sound of the toilet flushing. Jax looked from Brenda, to his reflection in the mirror, and back; the same shade of putrid green seemed to permeate their faces. In one swift move, Jax put his toothbrush on the counter, helped Brenda to the floor, and held her hair away from her face. She lifted her head from the toilet, "You're such gentleman, Ja-" before lowering it again.

Jax flushed the toilet, handed Brenda her toothbrush, and brushed a few renegade brown tendrils out of her face. "Well, we're certainly getting to know each other better."


When Jax finally emerged downstairs, after showering and dressing, both his hangover and his mood, had improved, all though his day was further brightened by the sight of Brenda, sipping coffee and downing aspirin, perched on the kitchen island. "Good morning, beautiful."

Brenda attempted a smile, but it hurt too much, and so the only reply Jax received was a "Mmrph." Before he could speak again, she slid a note across the counter toward him, and Jax immediately recognized the chicken scratch as Jerry's.

Ned and Lois on a day trip to Mismaloya. I saw Isabella this morning. Nice of you to tell me she was coming this way. We'll be spending the day there. -Jer

"So Jax, who's Isabella?"

Jax was pleased to find the tiniest bit of jealousy emerging in Brenda, and as he thought of a response to her question, Gerardo interrupted them by clearing his throat. "Senorita Coe is here."