Jax's first proposal to Brenda…

Jax: "You're everything I ever wanted: you're beautiful, you're reckless, and a little sad. You know, it's the sadness that got me right from the start. I wanted to make it go away, and for a time I thought I had. Pretty stupid, huh? And you like the sadness, Brenda. You cling to it. You go looking for it, and in the end, it'll be all you have…. What's so important about you? I don't know. Maybe it's your laugh, or your smile, or the way you act, like a hungry little girl who wants everything that she sees. Maybe it's your mouth or your skin, or your soul: the part of you that's real, underneath all the tricks and lies. You're brave, Brenda. You ignored the advice of well meaning people who tell you to compromise. I like that, because that's how I am, too….I'm no one's consolation prize, Brenda. I come first, or not at all. The trouble with keeping your eyes on the goal, is that you miss what's right in front of your face. For example, you've missed the only man who'll ever make you happy….. I belong with you , Brenda. He never did. Marry me, Brenda…. Think about what it would be like to be together all of the time. We're two of a kind, Brenda. We like the same game, we play for the same stakes: all or nothing. I just raised. Now it's your call. Marry me…. Look, I'll give you two weeks to make up your mind. I'll be back to hear your decision. Fourteen days. Clock's ticking."

Jax's second proposal to Brenda…

Jax: "Don't you know what day this is? …It's either our wedding day, or the last day you'll ever see me….I told you I wanted an answer when I got back. I'm back…. Look at me. I mean, if you can't see how I feel about you, what we could have together, I don't see how repeating myself for a few more months will persuade you. And look at yourself. I mean, look at this place: you live like a hostage. And to what? Something that is over and done with. You see, you've been going at it so long that you don't know how to stop. Here I am, telling you that the door is open, you're free, to begin you're life. And it's a bigger and better life than you've ever dreamed of, but all you can do is say: 'Wait. Is that what I want?' Which is a question only you can answer. Aren't you tired of being sad all the time?"

Brenda: "Yeah. I want you to know that I don't take anything you're saying to me lightly. I believe you. I actually think I can be sure of you, but how can you know you can be sure of me?…What can I offer you, Jax, compared to what you're offering me? I love being with you. I feel safe with you. I don't have to pretend to be better than I am when I'm with you. And that's all I know. You have the right to expect so much more."

Jax: "All I expect is an answer. Look, this isn't a business deal; I'm not asking for even money. I'm a lot smarter than that. Besides, I know something that you don't know: that I'm the only man who'll ever make you happy, and you have to decide whether you want to be. My jet leaves at three. Tomorrow we could be watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean as man and wife. I'll see you at three, or not."

Brenda: "…Wait!…I have something I want to say to you…. It's not much, but it's a lot more than I could say this morning. I know what I want."

Jax: "It's a start."

Jax's third proposal to Brenda…

Jax: "…Brenda, will you marry me?…we skipped a few milestones along the way. Like, uh .... an engagement ring…. It came from Mum. It's the first thing Dad bought her when we struck it rich…. Oh, it was her idea. She wants you to have it and so do I. Now, could I please have an answer to my question?"

Brenda: "What was your question?"

Jax: "Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Brenda: "Can I get back to you on this?"

Jax: "Sure! As long as the answer's yes. Unless you've had a change of heart?"

Brenda: "Oh… you know that the answer's yes. I'll marry you Jax... again and again and again."

Jax's fourth proposal to Brenda…

Jax: "I thought you might appreciate an engagement ring that fit. So what do you say, Mrs. Jacks, will you marry me?

Brenda: "Always….You know, we were in the middle of a fantasy when you made that promise. We were on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean, and I was deliriously happy by the way. But, I don't know, at that time I guess I felt like I needed a proper wedding to feel like your wife. I don't feel that way anymore. We wake up together, and go to sleep together…and disagree together…but, I don't need a big dress and flowers to feel like your wife. In my heart, I feel like we're married….now I'm sure of what I have with you."

Jax: "So am I. I love you, Brenda, more every day, and I promise you I'll never hurt you. You don't have to prove yourself to me, or turn your life inside out to show you're loyal. I'll never scream at you. I'll never frighten you or hurt you knowingly in any way. You're safe with me….So is that a yes?"

Brenda: "Yes!"

Jax's fifth proposal to Brenda…

Jax: "Rewind it is then. We'll go back to New Orleans and we'll find a place to get married."

Brenda: "And then I'll put on your beautiful ring."

Brenda proposes to Jax…

Brenda: "We are celebrating…me, finally getting it right. I have come to a very important realization. It didn't really happened all at once; it was kind of gradual and then I just knew with so much clarity. The best times that I've ever had in my whole life, the times that I've felt that most at ease and the most myself, the times when I was the happiest and knew exactly what I wanted because it was right in front of me, were the times that I've spent with you….You've always given me exactly what I needed, which was usually to find my own way, and now I have, and it's led me back to you. Do you know what today is? …It's one year, eight months, and twenty-seven days since you gave me the same ultimatum that I'm about to give you. Marry me, now, or you'll never see me again…. So let's just go for it, let's just go right now. We love each other so much. C'mon, I have my driver waiting outside. I'll have him take us to the airport, we'll…we'll…we'll fuel up your jet and we'll go wherever! Wherever you want to go. We can go to Vegas, or, or anywhere. It doesn't matter to me, as long as you marry me tonight."

Jax: "Look, Brenda, I'm flattered, and more tempted than you'll ever know, but I can't marry you. It's far too late…. For us, you and me, as lovers, as husband and wife, as anything more than friends…. Look, we had our shot and it didn't take for whatever reason. There were several to pick from, the most important, the most basic being that I'm simply not the right man for you."

Brenda: "You're wrong."

Jax: "Look, Brenda, I had to let you go, and that told me something I didn't necessarily want to know about, but I don't need a building to fall on me. Distasteful as it was, as painful as it was, I had to get on with my life, without you in it…. Brenda, you followed your heart, and it lead you away from me. No hearts don’t' lie, only people do: to themselves, to each other. Look, I'm not upset. We had our chance and it didn't pan out. But we took something very special: our friendship. Now that's something you'll have for life, no questions asked, no strings attached. But where you're trying to lead, I can't follow."

Brenda: "Are you turning me down?"

Jax: "Yeah, I am."

Brenda: "…I know that I hurt you so much when I went back to Sonny, but even so, you did say that you loved me."

Jax: "I do love you."

Brenda: "Can't that be enough? I don't understand why that can't be enough."

Jax: "Because love isn't. That's what I've taken away from all of this, Brenda. Love wasn't enough to keep you with Sonny, and love wasn't enough to keep you with me."

Brenda: "What if I told you that I know that things could be different for us this time?"

Jax: "What are you doing, Brenda? Promising me forever?"

Brenda: "Yes."

Jax: "No one can do that."

Brenda: "Well, I am. Jax, I know you. C'mon, you don't minimize love. You would do anything for love. Do you really expect me to believe that you've suddenly become so practical?"

Jax: "Cautious. It's easier on one's nervous system."

Brenda: "Well, I have to tell you that I don't approve of that for you."

Jax: "Why? Because you're not getting your own way?"

Brenda: "The jury's still out on that one."

Jax: "You know, I am really sorry, but our timing stinks."

Brenda: "No! Our timing is so perfect! Don't you see that? It's so, so perfect! Come on! I just want you to snap out of this right now! What is the matter with you?"

Jax: "You know I so adore you."

Brenda: "I know. What's the problem?"

Jax: "You chose someone else. I mean, one minute everything was perfect, and the next, you were a ghost haunting my apartment. And that tells me that there was something fundamentally wrong with us, probably from the start, and because of that, someone got hurt: me. So I don't intend to rush headlong back into the same mistake I just got finished making. And I don't think you should be so eager either."

Brenda: "I am. I can't help it. I just know that we're so right for each other. You're the most perfect person I've ever know in my whole life. And I know that I was so stupid, and so blind, and so under the influence of Sonny, that I didn't see that when we were together, but I see it so clearly now. And there's just no way in hell that I'm ever going to lose you again…. It means that there's other nights, and other nights, and other nights, and one of these nights I am going to convince you that I am the one for you. I'm not walking away until I've won….You saw what I did for the wrong man, Jax. You have no idea what I will do for the right man. You're about to fall in love with me again."

Jax: "We'll see."

Brenda: "Yeah, we'll see."

Jax accepts Brenda's proposal in Malibu…

Brenda: "I love you. I want to share my life with you. You can trust me, Jax."

Jax: "When you came to me, to tell me that we were over, I said I was going to prove how strong I was by wishing you well and walking away, but I lied 'cause you broke my heart. It's not an accusation, it’s the truth.. I've loved you since the first time we came to Malibu, and there's no way I can walk away from that. I'll marry you , Brenda, and I promise you, this time, no matter what happens. Nobody leaves."

Brenda: "Nobody leaves."

Jax's sixth proposal to Brenda…

Brenda: "I'm very excited…I never get the piece with the flower on it!"

Jax: "The box, Brenda. I meant, the box."

Brenda: "…Oh, Jax. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Jax: "As it happens, there's quite a bit of history associated with this particular piece of glitter…. This ring was previously given…"

Brenda: "…by Napoleon to the Empress Josephine."

Jax: "Yeah. How'd you know that…. Obviously it brought them a lot of luck, 'cause they ended up with a palace full of kids and found time to run a small empire."

Brenda: "Really? I thought they ended up exiled on an island together?"

Jax: "Even better. In any case, I didn't buy it for the legend. It was the color that caught my eye. I've always thought of pink as being your color."

Brenda: "Just like you…. You know, when I was a little girl, I had more fun unwrapping my presents than I did playing with them."

Jax: "Some things never change."

Brenda: "I'm never taking this ring off."

Jax: "Well then, that's one thing you can wear for the rest of the night."

Jax and Brenda recite vows to each other in the cottage…

Jax: "…You and I have a lifetime of happiness ahead of us, because loving you is the only future I need."

Brenda: "You know that I've never been able to accurately describe you to anyone who doesn't already know you? 'Cause you're so incredible on so many levels. You're beyond words. To see you waste that on someone who could only bring you misery and pain would be like torture to me, especially if that person was me."

Jax: "If you become ill, I will use all the money and resources I have to find a cure. And if I can't, I will stay by your side, no matter what happens. That's the agreement, okay? For better or worse, In sickness and in health, For as long as we both may live…. Now you."

Brenda: "For better or worse, In sickness and in health, For as long as we both shall live."

Jax: "Nobody leaves."

Brenda: "Nobody leaves."