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"Jackspot!"... Jax's pinball machine

"I think you consider the chinks in your armor to be faults. They're not. They give you power. I bet you're more interested in wrapping your fingers around someone's heart than their wallet. Simple-minded, not by a long shot, Brenda Barrett." ...Jax to Brenda

"Well, I don't know anything about it but I'm very attracted."... Brenda to Jax, supposedly about flying

"I love this so much! I mean, I really, really love this! How is it possible that this was around and I missed it?"... Brenda to Jax, about flying his plane

"Took my clothes off the minute she asked. I'm an obliging fellow."... Jax, about posing as a model for Lucy

"Well, I would have said you can't be bought at any price. What's the hold he has over you?"... Jax to Brenda, about oysters from Ireland and Sonny's hold over her

Brenda: "Oh, I'm sooo lucky. You mean, all I have to do is hang out with you and Sonny will pale in comparison? ...... Jax, aren't you afraid I'll fall for you? I mean......wouldn't that make things complicated?" Jax: "I can handle it. Can you?"... Brenda and Jax discuss their fun relationship

Brenda: "Are you flirting with me?" Jax: "It depends, would you like it if I were?"... Brenda and Jax's classic flirting and bantering

"If you kiss me again like you did the other night, you might have to marry me."... Jax to Brenda, about their kiss and their prospective deal

"Dream Madrid."... Jax to Brenda

Brenda: "You'd better be careful, if you keep this up, I may have to take you for granted." Jax: "Take advantage of me instead. That is something to look forward to."... Brenda thanking Jax for all of the flowers he sent her during her stay at GH after the hit-and-run

"You're only half-right. I relentlessly pursue what I want, but then I have to good sense to stop and appreciate it once I have it."... Jax talking about his business and personal philosophies

Brenda: "Is that what I am to you, wasted effort?" Jax: "No. You're everything I ever wanted. You're beautiful, you're reckless, and a little sad. You know, it was the sadness that got to me right from the start. I wanted to make it go away, and for a time I thought I had. That was pretty stupid, huh? You like the sadness, Brenda. You cling to it. You go looking for it, and in the end, it will be all you have."... Jax and Brenda, as he prepares to leave without saying goodbye

"What's so important about you? I don't know. Maybe it's your laugh, or your smile, or the way you act, like a hungry little girl who wants everything that she sees. Maybe it's your mouth, or your skin, or your soul: the part of you that's real, underneath all the tricks and lies. You're brave, Brenda. You ignore the advice of well-meaning people who tell you to compromise. I like that, because that's how I am, too."... Jax, explaining why he's about to propose to Brenda

"I belong with you, Brenda. He never did. Marry me, Brenda."... Jax's first proposal to Brenda

"Don't you know what day this is…It's either our wedding day, or the last day you'll ever see me."... Jax's second proposal to Brenda

"I love being with you. I feel safe with you. I don't have to pretend to be better than I am when I'm with you."... Brenda to Jax

"Fish, stars, moon…I give you, Mr. and Mrs. Jacks."... Jax presenting his new bride to the world

Jax: "Brenda, will you marry me?" Brenda: "We already did that." Jax: "Yeah, but we skipped a few milestones along the way.... Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Brenda: "Can I get back to you on that?" Jax: "Sure, as long as the answer is yes. Unless you've had a change of heart." Brenda: "Oh, you know that the answer is yes. I'll marry you, Jax, again and again and again!"... Jax's third proposal to Brenda

Jax: "There's a rule that can't be broken. Only one. Nobody leaves - whatever happens - nobody leaves." Brenda: "Nobody Leaves."... Jax and Brenda's promise to each other

"Did you know that every day, every hour of every day…every hour of every day, you mean more to me."... Brenda to Jax

"I wish for something that I'll have forever, but never hold. It's as bright as the sun, as pale as the moon, and it vanishes quickly, but is never gone."... Brenda's wish upon the magic lamp Jax gave her. The wish translated to mean a day with her prince, Jax.

"I thought you might appreciate an engagement ring that fits. So, what do you say, Mrs. Jacks, will you marry me?"... Jax's fourth proposal to Brenda

"I love you, Brenda, more every day, and I promise you I'll never hurt you. You don't have to prove yourself to me or turn your life inside out to show you're loyal. I'll never scream at you. I'll never frighten you knowingly in any way. You're safe with me."... Jax telling Brenda about their married life

Jax: "There are no guarantees in life, Brenda. All I can say is that I love you from the bottom of my heart. You just tell me what I can do to make you happy and I'll do it." Brenda: "Kiss me." Jax: "I'm serious." Brenda: "Kiss me." Jax: "Are you sure you don't want me to bring you a thimble of snow from the tallest mountain in the world? Name it and it's yours." Brenda: "Kiss me again."... Jax making Brenda happy, and Brenda getting exactly what she wants

"So are you to my thoughts as food to life, Or as sweet seasoned showers are to the ground; And for the peace of you I hold such strife, As ‘twixt a miser and his wealth is found."... Jax to Brenda, Shakespeare's 75th Sonnet

"For what it's worth, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are both crazy in love with you."... Jax to Brenda

Jax: "I want to make every day of our time together extraordinary." Brenda: "You already do. You are such a bundle of contradictions." Jax: "How so?" Brenda: "Well, I know you, better than I've known any man. You're such an open book, and yet you're still so full of amazement. How do you do that?" Jax: "I'm inspired."... Jax and Brenda discussing their life together

"I was going to tell you…I loved you when I married you the first time, but now I couldn't live without you."... Jax, feeling guilty, shortly before his second wedding to Brenda.

"To most people love is a mystery. You just happen to be married to a man who's completely sure what's in his heart….What I'm trying to say is, Brenda, that every time I look into your eyes, I feel like I'm looking into my own soul. Everything about you delights me. Everything just seems to be exactly the way it should be: the laughter in your eyes, the touch of your lips, the warmth of your skin, the way we fit so perfectly in bed together. Being here with you, right now, feels like every second of my entire life has been leading up to this moment."... Jax, to Brenda, in New Orleans on the eve before their second wedding

Brenda: "I didn't want to tell you this in front of a room full of people. I love you." Jax: "That's what you were banging on my door about? To tell me that you loved me?" Brenda: "Yes. I love you, Jax. I love you so much I feel dizzy. I can't see straight, I can't think straight, I don't even know when this happened. All I know is that I want to marry you again right away." Jax: "Thank goodness for small mercies." Brenda: " I wanna live with you forever, and have a family with you, and do everything and nothing together. I even want to get old and lumpy with you." Jax: "There's a picture." Brenda: "I don't even feel this way because it's the smart thing to do anymore, or even because I like you. I'm crazy, head-over-heels, in old-fashioned love with you. I really wanted to tell you this before we walked down the aisle together and said our wedding vows." Jax: "My bride. My true, beautiful bride." Brenda: "I really am. Not beautiful, I mean. I really am yours, truly. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you." Jax: "I ask myself that question about you all the time. I swear to you, Brenda, I never thought I could love so much in my lifetime. I didn't think I was capable of it, or wasn't that lucky." Brenda: "Hey, I'm the original do-everything-wrong-girl. Falling in love with you is the first perfect, right thing I've ever done in my whole entire life." Jax: "In a few minutes, in front of my family and our friends, I will put this back on your finger, forever, as you will with mine, and from that day on, I will look at this ring, and think of my wife, and how much I love her, and how much she loves me."... Brenda FINALLY tells Jax that she loves him, moments before they walk down the aisle for the second time

"Brenda, you know me: I don't make promises, as a rule. I've learned not to…Most promises seem so imaginary, with a life span as short as a firefly's. In fact, most things people hold dear, or say they do, don't seem to last. What is valuable one day may be worthless the next; no one knows that better than I do. [So, I'm skeptical. A hard sell.] It's protected me from pettiness. It's also kept me at a remove, from life as most people live it---until you-How can I say [did I know], so soon and so surely, that my happiness in you will never fade? I can't say. It was like waking up with the answer to a puzzle and not knowing were it came from, just knowing. I never make promises, as a rule; but now every word between us from morning till night is a promise, to me. I collect them in my head at the end of the day; I turn them over and set them in place, like bricks. They're that solid. They're that real. They've built us a home, and fire and wind [wind and fire] and flood can't touch it. They give me a place where I can love you, from this day forward…for better, for worse…for richer, for poorer…in sickness and in health, till death do us part."... Jax's vows to Brenda, [as written] and as spoken

Jax: "I love you so much. I wanted this day to be perfect for you." Brenda: "We're together and we're going to stay together, no matter what….Listen to me. I know what happened today might have ruined our party but, for me, nothing has changed. I love you." Jax: "Please don't think because I never told you about Miranda I've lied to you about other things. I haven't. I love you, Brenda. You're not just my wife, you're my best friend. Please believe me." Brenda: I do."... Jax and Brenda after their second (almost) wedding

Brenda: "It's okay. I know what I have to do. I don't like it, but I know." Jax: "I wish you'd tell me." Brenda: "Nothing." Jax: "Haven't we already tried that?" Brenda: "I haven't. You taught me how. Oh, you know we were out on that yacht and we were saying our vows to each other and it was such a crap shoot. I loved the idea of marrying you, but I was standing there saying that I would have and hold you and be with you until death do us part, and I pretty much knew that the chances of that happening were small. But if I loved you then, I didn't even know it, and you didn't know it either, and you didn't mind. You were patient with me. You waited for me to come around and now, I guess it's my turn, isn't it? Here I am. I know that I am so madly in love with you, so I guess now it's my turn. I'll wait for you this time."... Brenda and Jax discussing the Miranda situation

"You wanna stick around here, you be my guest. You wanna pick a fight with me, Miranda? You better be ready for me, honey, because I don't do dead. And I want you to remember something: I don't sleep with Jax's letters, I sleep with him."... Brenda to Miranda

Jax: "Being your slave, what should I do but tend upon the hours and times of your desire. I have no precious time at all to spend nor services to do until you require. What does that mean?" Brenda: "It means, Baby, I'm yours!"... Jax and Brenda's interpretation of Shakespeare's 57th Sonnet

Brenda: "I am married to you. I feel married to you. You're my partner. I think we've been together long enough that I'm actually starting to count on little things." Jax: "Yeah, like the feel of your breath on my back in the mornings. Or the way we fall asleep all cuddled up after making incredible love."... Brenda and Jax, on the little things in their relationship

Jax: "You know, I sometimes wonder how you ended up with a big lug like me. It's not very flattering to think it was a drug-induced decision." Brenda: "No drug in the world could change the way I feel about you." Jax: "You mean things could have been even better?" Brenda: "Yeah, can you imagine that?" Jax: "Well, I'm sorry you missed out - I had a great time." Brenda: "Me too. You're so amazing."... Jax and Brenda, talking about Brenda's addiction to Hydrocodone

"You're a complicated soul, Brenda. And it's not easy being you, but it's okay - I promise."... Jax reassuring Brenda

"Brenda didn't know she loved me when I married her. I gave her an ultimatum. I said marry me now or it's over...because I knew I could make her happier than she'd ever been. Happier than Sonny ever made her, or could make her. And I did. She learned that she loved me. And I learned that I could let myself trust again."... Jax about Brenda