In the Works
I don't have much time for writing anymore, so I honestly can't say when these stories might arrive, but I do hope to write them eventually.

Heat Wave
Magnificent Seven (ATF)
Agent Standish's newest mission - infiltrate and uncover a gunrunning and heroin smuggling Mexican cartel in Southern Arizona in an ATF/DEA joint operation.His backup at the Phoenix HQ? Buck Wilmington. And the agent in charge of the DEA operation? His ex-girlfriend. The heat's mounting, and with it the danger -- for all involved.

Summertime Blues
21 Jump Street
School's out - so what's an undercover team to do?

Homicide: Life on the Street
A pondering of past transgressions and future consequences.

Magnificent Seven
A hard drought and a new rancher fuel a water war.

Twice Upon A Time
Seven Days
18 years in the future, Operation Backstep is just one in a long line of disbanded government projects. But when disaster strikes close to home, Nate Ramsey, Frank Parker, and the rest of the gang race the clock and the NSA to perform one last, clandestine backstep





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