Fanfic Recommendations

These stories are linked with the kind permission of the individual authors.

21 Jump Street
Hit and Run (a.k.a. The Goon Hunt) by Claire
Stranded, by Kate

Early Edition
My Name Is, by Mary Hobson
Scrambled Eggs and Burnt Potatoes, by Peregrin Anna (At the GTA Archive)

Richer Than Midas, by Rakefet

Highlander: the Series
A Drive in the Country, by Xenon
Reluctant Hero, by Xenon

Homicide: Life on the Street
Avenging Angels, by Wendie & Patricia

The Magnificent Seven
ATF - A Gathering of Lions, by Gloria Atwater
ATF - Bridge Burning, by Kat
ATF - Chances Not Taken, Choices Not Made, by Claire
ATF - Cigarette and Ash, by Mel
ATF - Denver Trilogy, by GreenWoman
{#1 A Mile High in Denver
#2 Island of Bones
#3 Kole Sere}
ATF - Life, Sans the Living, by Kat

ATF - Loyalty, by Celeste
ATF - Parallax, by BMP
ATF - Texas Hold "Em, by Mitzi

ATF - Trinity Book 1: Embers, by Sue Kelley
ATF - What Life's All About, by Mog
ATF - Why? by Derry
The Better Man, by Tiffiny
Clear as a Bell, by NotTasha
Don't Know From Adam, by Jordan McKenzie
Down the Amazon, by NotTasha
Errant Deeds, by Eleanor Tremayne, Ezquire
A Gift of Gratitude, by Setcheti
Heroes and Villains, by JIN
He Sees, by Debby
If Walls Could Talk, by Tess
In Black, by NotTasha
Man For Man, by Brigitta B.
Pink, by Linda B.
Rites of Passage, by Katie
Shenandoah Waltz, by Sue B.
Soledad, by J. Brooks
The Traveller, by Tarlan
When the Lights Go Down, by Mog

The Sentinel
A Really Bad Day, by Denise James
Auld Lang Syne All Over Again, by Hephaistos
By a Thread, by Danae
Florence Ellison, by Sandra McDonald
Heartspeak / Soulspeak, by Donna Gentry/Ysone
Into the Madding Crowd, by Hephaistos
Into the Wilderness, by JJ
Promissory, by Donna Gentry/Ysone
Refuge (Xover with M7ATF), by Cindy Combs
Restored, by XmagicalX

Seven Days
Falling Skies, by Aldaj

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Osweicim, by Gabrielle Lawson
Pain of Memory, by Gabrielle Lawson
Prophecy of the Resh, by Donna Gentry





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