This is My Dedication Page to My Favorite
Music Bands.

This is a webpage dedicated to my favorite rock bands, inc. mainly Hootie and the Blowfish and Barenaked Ladies. If you have any questions or comments, you can Email me or sign my GuestBook. You can Download anything you like but be sure to give me credit if you use it on your page. Please don't link anything to my page coz it slows the loading time down, but if you want to advertise your site here, then email me and we can sort something out. If my site is a bit slow on loading, tell me and I'll try and speed up the load time as much as possible.
Last Updated, on 18th February 1999 @ 1:20am,(U.K.).......
I have added my Barenaked Ladies page.
I have added a few banners around the site.
The Ladies' Bios are done. I got the Hootie and BNL discography up. I have added the Webring banner thingy, It is a good webring so join!! That is it for now, keep coming back though............Have A Nice Day!!

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