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Hello, there Just Shoot Me lovers! Ever since I saw my first episode of Just Shoot Me, starring the ever adorable David Spade; I've been hooked! I've always been a semi-fan of David, but when I started watching his character Dennis Finch on Just Shoot Me, I went absolutely "Spade-Crazy"!

This site is basically for him. But it's also for the show and the rest of the great cast. It's a hilarious show with a sex-craving, sarcastic, male secretary as the main character named Dennis Finch(David).

This site is brand-spanking new, so it may be a little bare. But as my site, and the show's popularity grows, I'll become bigger and better!

If you've never seen one episode of Just Shoot Me, you better go park your keister on Tuesday nights and watch it!

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