Chronology of Steve LeVeille's Radio Career

1974 Steve is first heard over the air on the Emerson College station, WERS-FM Boston, as co-host of "But Seriously Folks..." an hour-long program of original comedy aired Sunday nights at ten o'clock. Among the guests on the program are: Norm Nathan (then with WHDH Radio), Dave Maynard (WBZ Radio), and Tom Ellis (then with WBZ-TV). Later in the year Steve is heard as a newcaster. In November he works his first election night as a reporter, covering Jack Quinlan, the losing candidate for Secretary of State of Massachusetts.
1975-1976 Steve is heard on WERS-FM as a newscaster and as one of the regular hosts of "Jazz in the Afternoon." In November 1975, Steve produces and anchors the station's election night coverage of the municipal elections in Boston. In April 1976, Steve anchors WERS' coverage of the Massachusetts presidential primary. In November of 1976, he co-anchors the station's election night coverage (Carter beats Ford).
1977 Steve begins his professional broadcasting career at all-news WEEI Boston, then owned by CBS. He works first as a producer for newscaster Norm Nathan's 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. shift, and later as one of the producers of a nightly, hour-long sports program hosted by Dave Shea (weeknights) and Tom Larsen (weekends). During this period Steve does one of his most memorable interviews with former Olympic star Jesse Owens. Soon, Steve moves up to newswriter for the morning drive news. He also conceives, produces and writes a special program, "Thinking Back: Boston Radio in the '40's and '50's," hosted by Norm Nathan. The program is aired on Labor Day - one month after Steve has left WEEI.
1977 In August Steve leaves WEEI to begin his first on-air job at WESO Southbridge, MA. There he works as a newscaster, reporter and DJ.
1978 In November Steve joins WECQ Geneva, NY as News Director. But he doesn't stay for long...
1979 In April Steve joins WCSS Amsterdam, NY as News Director.
1980 Steve joins ABC News as a newswriter for the ABC Radio Networks.
1981 Steve is promoted to Weekend Assignment Editor. He continues in that role for the next five years. His other duties at ABC include: newswriter, producer, and a handful of on-air assignments as a reporter, and as a commentator on baseball. In 1983 ABC assigns Steve to cover Carl Yastrzemski's final game for the Boston Red Sox.
1986 Steve leaves ABC News to return home to New England. He joins WFTQ Worcester as the midday newscaster.
1987 Steve becomes News Director of WFTQ. The station wins several awards for its news coverage during his tenure.
1988 In 1988 he goes to Iowa to cover the presidential caucuses for WFTQ, anchors the station's coverage of the New Hampshire and Super Tuesday (including Massachusetts) presidential primaries, goes to New York to cover that state's presidential primary, and to Atlanta to cover the Democratic Convention at which Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis is nominated for president.
1989 Steve is promoted to Operations Manager (Program Director) of WFTQ.
1990 Steve takes over as the morning DJ on WFTQ and gets to utilize his comedy skills, writing bits and doing character voices.
1991 Layoffs at WFTQ! Everybody goes as the station ends original programming. In April, Steve begins working as a free-lancer in WBZ as a talk show host focusing on politics; at Monitor Radio (a producer of national and international news programs) as a newscaster; and at WBUR-FM as a newscaster. He starts working for all three in the same week. WBZ had recently changed format from music to talk. In addition to "The Steve LeVeille Broadcast" - a Saturday afternoon political talk show, Steve becomes the main fill-in host on the station...substituting for David Brudnoy, Peter Meade, Dave Maynard, Tom Bergeron, Steve Martorano and Norm Nathan. During this period Steve also hosts a folk music program and public affairs programs on WICN Worcester, a public radio station. And he does a stint as the morning newscaster at WXLO Worcester.
1992 In September, Steve joins Monitor Radio fulltime as a newscaster.
1993 Steve begins to fill-in regularly as the host of Monitor Radio's public radio programs - heard nationally - and becomes the host of "Monitor Radio International" - heard worldwide via shortwave.
1994 Steve leaves his fulltime position at Monitor Radio to return to free-lancing. Ironically, he fills in as host of Monitor Radio's national programs more frequently than he had as a fulltimer. He also returns to WBZ as a substitute talk show host. In the fall of 1994, Steve takes over as nightly host of WBZ's David Brudnoy Show for three months while David recuperates from complications from AIDS.
1996 Continuing to work as a free-lancer, Steve covers the New Hampshire presidential primary for Monitor Radio. His assigments include covering President Clinton's final campaign swing through the state, and covering the final days of Pat Buchanan's victorious campaign (including Buchanan's unforgettable election night victory speech.) He also appears as a guest on the David Brudnoy Show on WBZ on primary eve. In June he begins a six-month assignment for Monitor Radio to report on and analyze the presidential campaign. On election night in November he reports from Bob Dole's headquarters in Washington.
1997 "The Steve LeVeille Broadcast" returns to WBZ Boston. This time it's a lighter, fun show and is heard on the overnight (Friday nights/Saturday mornings). He also continues to fill-in for David Brudnoy on WBZ and he rejoins WBUR-FM as a substitute newscaster and announcer.
1999 Steve is named the full-time overnight host on WBZ and returns to a discussion of political issues and current events along with a mix of humor and fun topics. debuts on the internet.