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Baggins' female Action figure Web page.
This is by far the most extensive of my pages.  The girls are always the coolest of all action figures.  This page has pictures of a good portion of the girl figures ever made, on there original backing cards where available.  Everyone from sleazy comic book store exclusive figures, to movie babes, to chicks created just so all of the guy figures in the line have somebody to save.  You'll find them here.

Pop culture Footbag (Hacky sack) references
People who know me, know that I almost always have a hacky sack with me no matter where I go.  You'd be surprised at how many times this semi-forgotten pastime shows up on TV and elsewhere when one least expects it to.   As an effort to do something actually 100% unique on the World wide web, this page is what I came up with.

Pop Culture Willy Wonka page.  coming soon.....
as long as I was dealing with Pop culture references, I figured that I might as well  start a page for good old Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  Just because it was a really cool movie.....


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