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The cast of 'Animorphs'.  Clockwise from left: Christopher Ralph (Tobias), Shawn Ashmore (Jake), Brooke Nevin (Rachel), Boris Cabrera (Marco), Nadia Nascimento (Cassie).

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Boris UnLimited has been online since January 29, 1999, a compilation of two websites devoted to Boris A. Cabrera and his ever-growing community of fans.

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Meww, BC Girl, and Amanda

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"It's almost been two years. And things are finally starting to feel okay. My dad's doing well. And I'm all my dad has now.
"You know, it's funny the things we remember. Before she went out in her boat, she used to tell me the first half of a riddle. She said it was so I knew she'd come back. 'Cause she had to finish the joke.
"I miss her, Jake."


[31 Jan 00] No school again! I swear, we're gonna be in school all summer at this rate! : ( Oh, well. I found out that Boris is in a new movie called "Social Misfits", playing a guy from Juvie named Oscar. It's due out on video in February.

~ Meww

[29 Jan 00] Well, I'm back too and although I don't really have anything to update with, I just wanted to say that as of today, the page has been up for one year. Hopefully I'll be able to update a little more than I have been (which has been never). Also, if any of you watch Figure it Out, I've seen 2 episodes with Boris on it.

[21 Jan 00] *gasp* Can it be?!? An update?!? Yowzer! (sorry, I got "Inspector Gadget" for Xmas, and have watched it numerous times since.) Okay, I changed the layout, added a touching quote, and (hopefully) organized the site a bit. Also, it looks like we'll actually get an Animorphs NickFlick! February 20th, at 4pm. It's a compiling of the "Face Off" trilogy. Then, at 6:30 that evening, we'll get to see the next episode, hopefully. Yay!

~ Meww

The Boris UnLimited provides unique, comprehensive reference information on the young Latino actor; Boris Alberto Cabrera, including a biography, stills, filmography, etc.

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