Hi! My name is Adrienne, and like you (I'm assuming), I'm a hard-core "Due South" fan. I created this site with every "Dueser" in mind, and I really hope you enjoy it! Here is a limited file of Due South Pictures from the episodes that have aired so far. The concentration of these pictures are on Paul, but there are several pictures that include David, Lincoln/Draco as well as a few guest appearances such as Victoria or Buck.

** I have just run a quick check on my site, and I have noticed that none of the outside links are still accurate (that's what happens when you don't update your website for 4 years!!) so until I can make the changes, please be aware that only the picture, audio and episode guide links work. I will make the adjustments a.s.a.p!**-- most of the links to the images have been updated, though some of them are still not valid... give me time, what with going back to school, I don't have much time to update my site during the week!

Here are a few Due South Sounds from the first two seasons.

A section where fellow fans can publish fan fiction they have written. Keep in mind that I will read them over before I publish them to make sure they are suitable and acceptable (and that there aren't any glaring spelling mistakes!)...

A Due South episode guide, including a short description of each episode, and a quote that I enjoyed.

***Please keep in mind that these archives have been selected from other sites. You are STRONGLY encouraged to visit them!!!***

And finally, for those interrested: a little about myself!

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