Did you know that SALMAN KHAN was the hottest hunk of 2000?
But not such a surprice, we all knew that they would name him the hottest hunk sooner or later, love you Salman, you are the best......in all the ways

Khan Vs Khan

Biceps that bulge. Abs like slabs. Eyes that burn. Smiles that melt. All in our Hot Hunks of 2000 contest.
It was the great battle of the hunks. Salman vs Shah Rukh.
Biceps vs Bravado. Puppy dog eyes vs Pizzazz. Muscles vs Magic. In the end, Salman Khan's machismo was too much for even Shah Rukh Khan's charisma. So there he was - bare chested as always, muscles rippling, brown eyes melting - our readers' choice as the Hottest Hunk of 2000.

If it's a hunk, it's got to be Salman, we had said. But readers weren't satisfied with just that. "He's a man's man. Men want to be like him and women want him," declared Sadia Rafi passionately. "He's got what it takes to be hot," gushed Sveta Alcasoas. Shruti Bimani went one flaming step further: "Hot enough to set ice on fire," is what she thinks (did you hear the heavy breathing?).
The fact that Salman was once voted the seventh sexiest man in the world by 'People' magazine also seemed to have helped many readers make up their mind.
Of course, everyone talked about that deadly combination of innocent face and tough-guy bod. And his eyes! "His passionate eyes ask every girl, 'Hum aapke hain koun?' And the reply comes, 'Hum dil de chuke sanam," wrote Anjali Mathur.
And the more of his clothes he took off, the more they cheered and whistled. Why did Prabha Kamath vote for him as the man to watch in 2000? Because, she predicts, "By 2000, he will start taking off his pants, too!" And Rajiv Sengupta confessed, "Even my girl-friend wants him - pants down!" Which is the right point at which to quote Jonathan Madison: "Size does matter, but height doesn't!"
Now, just in case you thought everyone was merely lusting after Salman, let's inject a bit of emotion, filmi-'ishtyle', with Vatsala David's entry: "Women fantasise about Salman in the role of friend, lover, brother or son."
Lots of women out there love you, Salman! (Like he didn't know.)

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