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Jaanam Samjha Karo is a romantic concoction directed by the son of veteran lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri and written by the talented Rajkumar Santoshi.  Hopefully, the film will not fall into the typical (or idiotic) romance formula we have been enduring the last few years.  A difference, we want variety.  And that is what Anu Malik gives us with the musical score.   Definitively targeted at youngsters and young-at-heart in the audience, the musical supremo composes trendy and tasteful tunes that are instantly appealing.   Majrooh-saab may not always be comfortable with the lyrics for these young songs, but you can tell he has tried his best to meet the demands of his son's movie.

The title tune, "Jaanam Samjha Karo", begins with musical preludes that my younger brother swears have been borrowed from some of his English remix albums.   So what?  I bet the remix artistes also borrowed the tunes for elsewhere.   And Anu Malik does not have the most endearing vocals on the planet, but his voice suits this tune much like it did the "Oonchi Hai Building" number from Judwaa.  Hema Sardesai and the funky beats make the song as catchy as the winter flu.  Got the sniffles, anyone?

For those interested in trivia, Jaanam Samjha Karo was at one time titled "Love Hua".  I actually prefer the latter tune which is very very catchy and has enough crescendos and decrescendos to make you feel you are on a roller-coaster.  One small gripe:  if only Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu's cool declaration of love did not have that annoying English conversation thrown in the middle of nowhere.  English has never been Malik's forte, but what the heck does "Love is happening..." mean? 

Presenting a dichotomy of folk and pop in the same package, "I Was Made for Loving You Baby" is sung with finesse by Kamaal Khan and Ila Arun.  I must admit that I thought Kamaal Khan was a one-hit wonder, but after Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, he does prove that his voice can suit some other songs.  Extremely likable, too bad one cannot remember the convoluted lyrics.

"Sabki Baaratein Aayeen, Doli Tu Bhi Laa Na" is presented in two unforgettable versions, one by Jaspinder Narula and the other by Alka Yagnik.  Both ladies sing the heart-warming lyrics in their distinct styles and I would definitely feel sad if only one of the versions is retained for the big screen.  (They better not cut this amazing song completely out of the movie, like the unfair treatment meted out to Kareeb's "Tum Judaa Hokar Humein" in 1998.)  The "Let us get married" composition is again a novel blend of folksy and trendy, and will be the next big thing at weddings this year.  Kudos Anu.

Anand Milind are the composers of one song from the movie, "Kisi Ne Humse Kiya Hai Jabse", pleasantly rendered by Alka Yagnik.   (Mark my words, this lady will be a legend in a couple of decades.)  It is the story of a girl and her dreams of eternal happiness.

"Chandni Ayaa Hai Tera Deewana" is not quite remniscent of the beautiful tunes of Yash Chopra's classic, though it shares the same name with the lead character.  Udit Narayan is in fine form and going by the theme of the song, one guesses that Salman Khan is essaying the role of another player.  (With a gal like Urmila opposite him, I think he needs his eyes and brain checked.)

"Main Ladki Akeli" has Hema Sardesai complaining (or bragging) to Anu Malik about the hundreds of guys who follow her daily.  Obviously, Mr. Malik wrote the insipid lyrics to this less than inviting tune.  (Luckily, the audio tape ends with the Alka rendered version of "Sabki Baaratein  Aayeen" so you forget the former tune.)

If music was ever a judge of success (and it rarely is), producer Bubby Kent has a hit on his hands with Jaanam Samjha Karo.  Then again, his last production, the retarded Chandramukhi had great songs too.  One hopes that Jaanam Samjha Karo is a far better movie, with its feet planted firmly in reality, and wish Mr. Sultanpuri Jr. the best at his first directorial effort.  Anu Malik has already gifted him with a good start.

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