The Story:

JSK is all about a girl Chandeni (Urmila), which is a nightclub dancer who always dream about her Sapno Ka Raja, which will one day come and take her away.
In the same time this rich brat, Shoraj (Salman), has to leave all his lovely girl friends in London to come to India to learn about his culture and about his grandfathers business, but in his mind, work is just to fare away!
Then after a lot of girl hunting he runs in to Chandeni as she was dancing at the nightclub, and of course as always he wants to try her out. Chandeni likes him from the start, but as she gets to know what he is she leaves him at once. But Shoraj didnít want to give up that easily, and is after her just to make her angry. And he even manages to become the boss of the nightclub. But Chandeni signed a contract for a show in London to get away from him. But the day she is leaving her group misses the flight and suddenly she is standing there in London all alone. A old man asks her if she wants to stay at his place and she says yes, but as always he were a bady and tries to rape her. As she is running away from him she runs in toÖ. who else, Shoraj, and the whole night ends in a little cottage in the forest.
Now Chandeni is shore that Shoraj will tray to rape her, and as he doesnít even touch her, she doesnít fall in love with him, but itís just about!
She has to stay with him till her group comes and slowly but still, she falls in love with him, but Shoraj doesnít love her.
Very soon Shorajís grandfather who also where there duo some business got to know about them. Shoraj knew it would cause him big problems if his grandfather found out about him and a woman shearing rooms so he told him that they were married.
Later on Chandeni tells the grandfather about the whole thing, but Shorajís grandfather would like to see Chandeni as his real daughter-in-law and they set up a plan to get Shoraj on the track.
But as always the bad boy Shakti Kapoor, as Harry, a friend of Shoraj wants to get all the money which belongs to Shoraj and he and one of Shorajís girls tries to brake up between Shoraj and Chandeni, and as the first opportunity appears he grabs it and, to his pleasure, Chandeni and Shoraj had a fight thanks to him and after the show Chandeni goes back to India.
When Shorajís grandfather gets aware about what happened he talks with Shoraj, and suddenly Shoraj feels that he has fallen in love with her, and he wants to marry her!
He rushes back to India, but there are a lot of problems between them, one of them Harry who wanted to get him, but yaar, this is an Indian move, and Salman Khan were in it so how could it end bad?
So finely the love birds get each other and live happily ever after!

The film was OK! Not as good as PKTDK and JPKHH, but itís not bad!
Salman looks very, very good, Urmila as well, and the songs are good with lots of good dancing and there are very many funny scenes.

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