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Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaaye is a film for all you people who want to feel the joy and the pain of love!

Its about Prem played by our hero who is in love with Nisha played by Raveena.

Nishas brother gets very sick and to cure him she has to get a lot of money which nor she or Prem have so she decides to leave Prem and marry a rich guy. Of course now Prem is heart broken and here he meets Preya, played by Rani, who is the cousin of Prems neightbour, Mona (Pooja Bhatra). Slowly they fall in love, but then Prem gets to know that she is engaged with another guy (who is the same person Nisha was going to marry). Preya is getting crazy about what to do and in the same time Nisha comes back! And then.... well if you have seen the movie you know and if not.....Well just go and see the movieJ


  He danced in your wedding....but what happend to his?




  O Salman, O Salman...Salman, Tumsa nahi koyi Salman... Tu khosh

rahein, jaayan bhi rahein....yeh mer dil ki dua!

Ey dil bata yeh tujhe kya hua, tu hai kyo beqarar itna......

Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye


Koyi tujhse accha milega nahi, koyi tujhse kam bhi chalega nahi.....Salman






Aapne Dil Ki Baat Kehdi Sabhi Nein……Salmans dil ki baat na jaane kisine