SALMAN KHAN? Who is he?


Well, Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega is a hit and again the media is facing a problem! Why, you say? Hm, not that hard to guess! When hunky Khan came with Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge and Chal Mere Bhai the press finely had something to criticize him for ( they thought),as the films didn’t do that well, but now! Ha, ha! After his superb and great performance in Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega they are again in a bad time. They can’t say how bad he was when people are loving each and every thing he said and did in the film. People want to hear about him, the press know that, and what can they do?
So, they sat down all the freaks together and started thinking what to do.
Last time it was Salman-Ash link which had worked very good and made people buy their magazines like crazy, but that story was a bit old, so they had to ‘make’ a new one and so they did!
After some thinking they came with the idea about ‘Salman drunk- terrified Suman Rangenateng’. And as they had hoped, many people fell for their story (again)! They have done it again!
Come on people! Take a grip! How can you believe all this shit after knowing how the press is! We know how it is for you Salman fans to reading such thing about him, and we know it hurts to even think that what if it is true! But guys, we know how you feel and we also know that this is all just stupid gossip! We hope you guys can also understand! Salman is not that kind of a person to keep is affairs hidden, and he is a gentleman when it comes to the opposite sex! And we know the press, they’ll do anything and that is anything to sell their stupid magazines!
And as long as you guys buy their stuff and read it, it will go on and on! YOU are the one who can do something about it, if you wont then who will? We are telling you, stop this once and for all! Go against them, tell them how rude and unresponsible they are and that they are actually damaging one of the greatest super stars of Bollywoods career! And come one, what kind of humanity is that? What if that doesn’t help? Well, stop buying the magazines! And if you want to read the interviews you can check them on the Net and if it’s with out gossip, you can go ahead and buy it!
And please, when ever you hear about all this shit, just ignore it the same way Salman does himself!
We hope you do think about what we have written and we know you understand!
Anyway, we hope you all have seen HDJPK, because it was a film not to miss! And yes, its a big hit!

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The Media And The Stars

There are many starts which, today, look like people who are really bad and don’t have a heart for others, but have you ever thought that why are the people who always give interviews to the press and media, you know the people who tell everyone every thing about them self and always keep their doors open for the press, are the nice people? You know, the stars which welcomes the media always have good reports in magazines and they are told as ‘real life heroes’. And the stars which say ‘no I want to keep my personal, personal’ always sound like ‘real life brats, or arrogant’. Did that thought ever come to you?
Well, one of this stars who have been ignoring the press for a long time and got a lot of shit from them is the one and only SALMAN KHAN!
As you all know, when ever a magazine comes out you’ll find a lot of ‘bad’ things about Salman. He is known as the Brat of Bollywood. And the reason? He didn’t want to let the world know about what ever he does in real life, he wanted to live a life just like me and you. And that is not fair! Every one want some privacy, even the stars, but the media, the only thing in their mind is to wraith something which will attract people to come and by their magazine what ever it’s true or falls.
But to the Khan’s credit, he is at the #1 today even after all the shit that have been coming out about him. Because people go for what they read an if they get a bad feeling about a star they very often kick him out. And the reason why Salman hasn’t been kicked out is just because of his fans! So whoever you are, whatever you are, thank you for being a Salman Khan fan, thank you for being with him all the good and bad times, if you wouldn’t have been his fan, he wouldn’t been were he is today!
And yes, many people wonder why he doesn’t get awards if he is such a good actor. Well let me tell you that as well.
Awards! The media have a very big hand in giving out awards, so frankly when they dislike Salman that means no awards to him.
And now today, when he is one the top of his carrier people want to read his interviews, but as he doesn’t give many the demand of Salman Khan just goes higher and higher, and the only thing the media can do is to wraith stories about him. And if there are nothing new about him, I guess, they just make a wild story and then they print it so that we can read it and get upset with Salman.
But tell me! Is it a crime to have a wish of being a normal person with a normal life?
Like they always link him to actress. From Karishma Kapoor, Suman Rangenateng, Ashweria Rai and whoever else it was, but how can an actor who says no to kissing and wet scenes, keeps away from the heroines and always says that I’ve found the right girl, do such? You know, it’s always something that don’t fall in the right place.
There is nothing to do with such, but lets wait and see and hope for the best! The bad thing about this is not just that it’s a bunch of lies, but Salman might lose a lot of fans who believe what they read and that’s not good. But please people, before taking any decisions think and show that we all are FANS NO.1!





His name is the Brat, the arrogant dude, the bad boy, a rake, a cad, an enigma, the sexy hunk, the golden-heart guy, some places even the devils advocate. But why don’t just call him Salman Khan?
What is his real name among all this things? Let us give you the opportunity to be the judge your self! You just read, and judge!

There are many sides in Salman’s life. I think the journalists will put it this way::
He lived in a loving family and got all the love he possibly could get, they were rich and money was no problem! When he became an actor the craziness rained down after a short time. Girls screaming, kids running after him, men yelling: East or west, Salman is the (macho) best! To put it nice, every body want him!
He has the perfect body which is the best, big lovely eyes, small nose, Salman has the perfect face! What more does he want? Why so angry when it comes to interviews, why is he always out bugging someone? Why not give any attention to the people around him, and not only to him self?
Well, that’s their way, but if you look at Salman’s life story or ask any of his friends, you’ll find something else! :
When he was a boy, his father took in a new family member, Helen, and for all the people who don’t know who she is, she’s Salman’s step mother. In the beginning Salma (his mom) had a tuff time accepting this, and it’s said that Salman cried together with his mom every time she had a hard time.
When he took the first step in to the industry he was just about to reach the stars when something went wrong and suddenly no one wanted to have any thing to do with him. That’s were the journalists comes in! Everybody one knows that they are willing to do any thing (most of them) to sell their magazines!
They went to Salman as well and asked him for interviews, and what do they ask? Let me try to tell you! Who is your girl friend, who do you like, why did you do that, why didn’t you want to do that etc., and as Salman wanted to keep his personal (which is very reasonably), personal, he turned his back at them. He said ‘since I stopped entertaining them, they wrote a load of bullshit about me. Why should I take all that shit? I am a man who has his principles and will.’ That made the journalist very upset and they started to wraith what ever they came over about the Khan. It could be lies, maybe something even was 50% right, God knows!
Well, as Salman didn’t like it he got more angry with them, and now that he is the number one, the press don’t want to admit it!
That was the other way!
But what about all the fights Salman always run in to? I’m shore this doesn’t have any thing to do with the press! But maybe there is an answer to this as well! To the Khan’s credit, he picks on the equal or the larger. He’s never raised his hand on a weaker! And there is said he has been in to fights with 3-6 people and won the fight all alone!
Salman is a person who stand for humanity. It’s said that he helps people who he even might run in to when he is out, and he does every thing to help, and he wouldn’t go before his job (help) is done. This is not the kind of humanitarian gesture many stars would make, not because they don’t care, but because they would be afraid of getting entangled in unnecessary problems.
‘ I don’t care what problems might crop up. I care about human life. Tomorrow this could happen to any one of us’ is something Salman once said.
He is also a regular visitor to the Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital and readily takes part in fund-raising drives for cancer patients. He recently promised to donate his bone marrow to save a little girl’s life, knowing fully well how much pain it would cause him. But not many people know this since Salman don’t publicize it.
But what about all the affairs with the Bollywood ladies? Could it be just the press who hasn’t any thing better to wraith about? I think so!
And if anybody out there wonders what all this shirtless and stripping Salman does is about, I guess I can’t tell you, but Salman can! Here it comes: ‘I realized that a good body was an asset and hence I cast my shirt off for the films. When you have a good body, why shouldn’t you show it off, man? Walking around bare-chested is not new for me. Even in my house, I never wear a shirt. You will always find me in just shorts.’ There you have that as well!
There you have it all! I hope all this is enough to judge what Salman really is! Now we are not on any ones part, we’ve just written facts. We’ll give you some names and you can decide what Salman can be named!

If you mail us we can tell you later on which name Salman got! But remember, don’t vote later then the ‘27th of December’, we’ll declare what his name is on his birthday!

The Names:


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Salman, Salman, Salman and Salman! That’s the name on every girls lips! But why? WHY? Is it those eyes, no, the sexy biceps, no, the small noes, no, the sweet leaps, no, his …his…..what? What is it? I guess there is now answer, but girls, don’t forget that ….OK he is very, very, very, very good looking, but never forget about his talent, I mean, he has grate talent, he is simply superb! And the good thing is that he has very good heart!
And please, don’t assume that Salman and Ash are together, the media tells a lot of lies, and if I should believe all the shit they say, I should frankly think that Salman is nearly a playboy…. But of course we all know he is NOT, NOT such things, he is a nice person!
So I think we can be shore about the SALMAN-ASH link, when Salman say so him self, because after reading all the interviews of Salman I’m shore he doesn’t lie!
Any way, lets talk more about Salman! As all of you know he came in to the filmy world in 88, but that time he didn’t do so well, but now he is at the top, and everyone screams their life out when Salman is around.
I think if you really want to know this sexy Khan you have to understand what he really means with ‘IN LIFE GO STRIGHT AND TURN RIGHT’!


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