The Dream Boy - Salman Khan Fan Club

'The Dream Boy - SALMAN KHAN' makers have open a free Salman Khan Fan Club for all the Salman Khan fans!
You can buy whatever you want of Salman from us, and you don't even have use your credit card, but you just give us your address and we will send the package to you. When the package comes in your mailbox, you pay there and then to get it.
When you are a member you also get e-mails every month were you get the latest news and views about Salman, if you want we can send you pictures as well!
> So just mail us at , and become a member! We are also going to meet Salman in near future (we hope!), and then we are going to try to get his autograph to some of our members. We will also give the phone number and the address of all our members to Salman and ask him to phone or mail them.
So if you want that you too, then you must become a member! If there are any questions, mail us at

Keep Loving Him! There canít be any one better then him!

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