Are You My Brother?

Are You My Brother? is a show about test-tube twins separated at birth and growing up in totally different families. Thomas Ong acts as the twin growing up in a chicken selling business, and eventually opens a chicken rice chain. Tay Ping Hui acts as the twin who manages an advertising firm. After much 'trials and tribulations', they finally clear up their misunderstandings. In the last episode, it was supposed to be that everyone lived very happily (as usual) but one fine day, they met another pair of twins.... (I think they would still erm.. live happily ever after)

Liu Dongcheng 刘东成 and Chang Le 常乐

Chang Le and Youyin 有银with a tourist

Dongcheng and Fang Ting 方婷

Chang Le and Chang Ren 常仁

Youyin and Chang Le