Return of the Condor Heroes

"Return of the Condor Heroes" (神雕侠侣) is one of TCS' big-budget films of 1998. It has 40 episodes and, as a novel, is the sequel to "Legend of the Condor Heroes" (射雕英雄传). The pictures here are some of the main characters.

Xiao Long Nu 小龙女 (Fann Wong 范文芳) is both Yang Guo's wife and teacher

Yang Guo 杨过 (Christopher Lee 李铭顺) is the son of Yang Kang

Guo Xiang 郭襄 (Yvonne Lim 林湘萍) is the youngest daughter of Guo Jing

Guo Fu 郭芙 (Florence Tan 陈秀丽) is Guo Jing's oldest child

Lu Wushuang 陆无双 (Evelyn Tan 陈毓芸) is one of Yang Guo's 'admirers'