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Henny - 09/12/00 04:02:29
My URL:http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/linanxingsclub
My Email:lim_henny@yahoo.com
Your favorite drama serial: Unbeatable I & II
Your favorite actor/ actress: Li Nanxing/ Zoe Tay

This page is cool! Hope you still can do more update. Esp. the theme song section.If I may request can you put the theme song of 'Coup De Scorpion'? Thanks.

- 07/15/00 01:54:04


Jezz - 05/21/00 10:16:52
My Email:argone@singnet.com.sg
Your favorite drama serial: Return of the Condor Heroes
Your favorite actor/ actress: Evelyn tan, etc

I find this website very nice. I support TCS~!

Yan Chengyi - 04/05/00 15:34:19
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/y_chengyi/
My Email:y_chengyi@yahoo.com

Glad to find your page on various tcs drama serial. Perhaps, you would like to share your work with fellow fanatics? Try http://kopi-o.hypermart.net/ They are building a database of related-tcs links.

Jules Vianet - 01/17/00 18:52:27
My Email:philosophi_theologie@hotmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: The Return of the Condor Heroes 98

Thank you for a fun and very interesting site.

Kat - 11/09/99 18:04:13
Your favorite drama serial: 8 immortals
Your favorite actor/ actress: Ma Jingtao

Can I ask a favor. Since I don't know chinese, do you have any information on Ma Jingtao? How old he is, single?, birthdate,etc....Thanks!

Kat - 11/09/99 18:00:55
Your favorite drama serial: Legend of the Eight Immortals
Your favorite actor/ actress: Ma Jingtao, Phyllis Quek

Hey, there's more pix of Lun Dong Bin here! That's great! I think he's great looking! Mudan is very pretty. Wish I was in her role with Dong Bin!!!!!Great Page!!!!!!!

kitty - 10/15/99 07:20:24
Your favorite drama serial: living in night
Your favorite actor/ actress: Jacelyn Tay

this page is good. keep it up.please add "living in night" played Jacelyn and Thomas in this page.

Thunder_G - 10/02/99 01:54:39
My Email:soccer_hp11@yahoo.com
Your favorite drama serial: Unbeatables2 is one of my fav
Your favorite actor/ actress: Li Nanxing is one of my fav

I really like ur pics. It's so original. Can i ask u a favor? put more of "Yan Fei" pics ok ? thanx and nice page ! *_^

Eve Kassidy - 09/30/99 18:28:04
My URL:http://www.hotmail.com
My Email:NaNgb_kanc11@hotmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: Legend of the Eight Immortals, Legend of the Condor Heroes

From:Eve Just want to say thanks for giving a chinese movie fanatic like me a chance to explore quick and easy. Me? I'm too lazy to create one but if I ever do, I'd be inspired by you. And hey, could you put me on your list for any email that you send for yo r page? Thanks lots!

Cathy - 09/27/99 21:09:06
My Email:goofylao@aol.com
Your favorite drama serial: legend of the condor heroes

wow this is a great web page. it was really hard for me to find out some of the names of the actors and actresses. i guess its cause im not chinese or from singapore. im laos/thai and thanks for posting some of the actors name and stuff.

Cathy - 09/27/99 21:06:16


yan - 09/07/99 12:07:37
Your favorite drama serial: working women
Your favorite actor/ actress: mei xiao hui


Yuan Jun - 09/03/99 14:21:33

Hello Myo Li ... this looks promising. I'd be willing to help in any way I can, i.e. language, feedback &c. But it seems to be coming along nicely indeed!

yuiop - 08/05/99 13:06:44
Your favorite actor/ actress: ZOE TAY!!!


BabyJace - 07/27/99 08:08:04
My URL:http://under.construction
My Email:ryoko3110@hotmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: Wild Orchids
Your favorite actor/ actress: Fann Wong, Jacelyn Tay, Joey Swee, Evelyn Tan...

Nice page~~!! Keep iT up~!

yvonne - 05/31/99 08:30:34
My URL:http://-
Your favorite drama serial: shows acted together by jaceyn tay,san yow&thomas ong
Your favorite actor/ actress: the above

some of their shows are wonderful

washington - 05/30/99 12:51:28
Your favorite drama serial: Journey to the West

Quite good. Ok+

washington - 05/30/99 12:48:06
Your favorite drama serial: Journey to the West

Quite good. Ok+

washington - 05/30/99 12:47:09
Your favorite drama serial: Journey to the West

Quite good. Ok+

washington - 05/30/99 12:46:19
Your favorite drama serial: Journey to the West

Quite good. Ok+

shay - 05/15/99 12:25:34
My URL:http://oocities.com/soho/nook/8927
My Email:you know lah
Your favorite drama serial: emmm haven't been watching much....
Your favorite actor/ actress: zoe rules sg man....

hey myoli....okie, come to your page liao. finally. but at least got come right? hey, not bad....must teach me how to load/shrink pics sometime....toodles!

BabyJace - 04/05/99 08:35:26
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/de/piyogirle
My Email:deb_42_@hotmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: Wild Orchids, 8 immortals.....
Your favorite actor/ actress: Fann Wong, Jacelyn Tay, Evelyn Tan, Ryoko Hirosue, Cynthia Koh..

nice page... :))

Augustine - 04/03/99 05:00:56
My Email:iam125@hotmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: nothing
Your favorite actor/ actress: idiot

very nice done myoli althought i see alrady i want to die so slow

Eliza Chan - 03/26/99 07:39:22
My URL:http://www.geocities/Broadway/Balcony/2042

Hey Beatrice , pink homepage you got there . It 's been like forever since we've last met . Do hope everything 's fine with you God Bless !

ZiPINGGGG!!!! - 03/22/99 00:05:39
My Email:Ziping3_8@hotmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: The Price Of PEACE!!!!!
Your favorite actor/ actress: pATRICIA mOK!!WOOOO...


Yujuan - 03/06/99 09:55:45
My Email:yujuan@hotmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: ER!
Your favorite actor/ actress: Presently...neve campbell

hey myoli, nice homepage...=)

Weiqing - 02/14/99 04:57:30
My Email:khng2988@mbox3.singnet.com.sg
Your favorite drama serial: exactly the same as yours!!!
Your favorite actor/ actress: Almost the same as yours!!

Your homepage has been extremely attractive and i hope it will not be under construction for too long.Keep adding more stuuff so i can look at it for a very long long long time.Very pleased with it and keep it up to the fullest! From your sweet sweet cousin, Weiqing ! : Smile always!!!! Bye.

bearicE~ =) - 02/12/99 14:19:51
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/SouthBeach/Pier/5436
My Email:espirit@mbox3.singnet.com.sg
Your favorite drama serial: urm...dunno....hardly watch tv. but yi sheng dang an was quite nice =)
Your favorite actor/ actress: urm....phyllis...chew chor meng =)

harlowez myo~ =) hmm...i guezz ur page is actually not quite done but it is great so far~ =) seriously...i mean, look at MY first try..sucked big time =) well..hmm, seemz like u watch lotsa tv...add some info abt urself kaeZ? then hope u wun neglect our d ci page lah...*grin* okae okae..cya in sch tomolo for celebrationz..ciaozerz and God blesS~ =)

=D - 02/11/99 09:16:36
My Email:duhish@gurlmail.com
Your favorite drama serial: the 8 immortals one...
Your favorite actor/ actress: jacelyn tay?

harlowie.... nice page u've got there.... i decided 2 juz take a look since i wont haf anything better 2 do 4 the next 2 weeks... =D anywae i cant seem to get anything on the sanrio page.... luv, me

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