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To all those people who did not understand me
when I would say the word "HOMY"...well this is it
Welcome to my homepage.

This is one of my many attempts to do a homepage.
First off before I do anything else,

I want to thank the following people for putting up with me,
and helping me through this traumatic time of my life.

Busy, Brandy G, Dee,Inca-cola,Skotland, Starfly, Dinsdale,
and of course my list of legends

I hope to share with you some stories and poems
I have written over the years,as you will see I try
to use a variety of styles in writing.

You Will find humour,romance, lust,
shock and a few with some naughty bits

I have included some other excellent sites from some great
friends.Please do yourself and me a favour and visit them
soon,I know they would love to see you.

To check out my cool stories
poems, and some dedicated to people who have meant a lot
to me
click here


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Where do you think you are going?I want to know who was in my room today

so before you even think of leaving, I want an autograph.

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