Hi! My Tad and Dixie site is back up. There are a lot of things missing from the original site, but hopefully someday it'll be completely rebuilt!

NEW! (9/24/01) Another new video clip in the Video Clip Library.

(9/7/01) Three more video clips in the Video Clip Library.

(8/22/01) I added a bunch of new video clips to the Video Clip Library. I've been having some problems with the videos getting deleted by the server, please let me know if you have any problems with them.

(8/14/01) Don't drop dead from shock, but I'm actually updating the website!! First, there's a new video montage! It's to the song "How Do You Fall In Love" by Alabama.You can find the RealVideo format on the TnD Music Videos Page. I have been having some problems with the AVI format but hopefully I'll get that uploaded sometime soon.

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