Joel: The quintessential "fish-out-of water." Joel is an inveterate New Yorker who has been reluctantly transplanted to the remote town of Cicely, forced by the state of Alaska to serve as town doctor in accordance with the terms of his medical school tuition loan (he owes $125,000 to Columbia University).

Maggie: The beautiful, independent pilot, landlady, and mayor of Cicely. Originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Maggie (Mary Margaret) grew up far away from the Alaskan wilds as the daughter of the youngest CEO in automotive history.

Chris: Cicely's resident disc jockey. Known to quote Walt Whitman, Jung and Dostoevsky over the air on KBHR's "Chris in the Morning Show," Chris also "spins" an off-the-wall musical mix, ranging from jazz to show tunes to rock-n-roll, and provides a running commentary on the offbeat goings-on in Cicely, Alaska. Chris also doubles as the town's minister, ordained by the Worldwide Church of Truth and Beauty after answering an ad at the back of Rolling Stone.

Ed: A young Native American with unclouded observations and an 180 I.Q. Possessing an uncanny sense of timing, Ed often appears out of nowhere, spouting bits of wisdom gleaned from the films of cinema idols, which include Woody Allen, Fellini, and Francis Ford Coppola.

Marilyn: Dr. Joel Fleischman's quietly sage assistant. Marilyn's consistently calm demeanor accentuates Fleischman's neurotic behavior. From the moment they meet at Cicely's makeshift medical office, where Marilyn insists on applying for and accepting a job which Fleischman claims doesn't exist, the doctor knows he has met his match.

Holling: A naturalist and adventurer. Having exchanged his days of big-game hunting to become the proprietor of Cicely's only tavern, "The Brick," Holling's main concerns in life now are keeping the townspeople well fed and keeping Shelly happy.

Shelly: A former Miss Northwest Passage, Shelly lives with her much older lover, Holling Vincoeur, and together they run Cicely's tavern and restaurant "The Brick." She is originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and is the only Canadian citizen in Cicely. Shelly is also known for her unique fashion sense, often seen sporting spandex.

Ruth Ann: A wise storekeeper who dispenses psychological insight with each purchase. A woman who has lived through it all and has learned to appreciate life for everything it has to offer. Proprietor of a one-stop shop which serves as everything from the library, post office, local market, to the video store, her quiet strength, wise words, and life experiences guide the town through their many crazy predicaments. She has two sons: an investment banker and a poet.

Maurice: Town patriarch of Cicely. A burly ex-astronaut and gung-ho president of the Cicely Chamber of Commerce, Maurice sees Cicely as a haven of limitless potential, soon to be the new "Alaskan Riviera."

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