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RealAudio Chinese songs

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Title Singer It happened when......
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There are times when you just wonder about the meaning of life.....


na.gif (543 bytes)    lionsymbol.gif (283 bytes) wu.gif (443 bytes) This song always reminds me of my secondary days, especially those days at the chalets.....


ou.gif (351 bytes) pan.gif (446 bytes) This song was from a Chinese movie. The male and female leads had several chances to befriend each other, yet they didn't meet until the very end of the movie...


peng.gif (356 bytes) fang.gif (603 bytes) Friends who will always stand by your side......


qing.gif (723 bytes)    lionsymbol.gif (283 bytes) wu.gif (443 bytes) This was one of the 19 SC's favourite songs - the work sessions we had together....


wo1.gif (905 bytes)    lionsymbol.gif (283 bytes) liang.gif (428 bytes) I didn't really like this song very much at first.  But as you grow, you learn to appreciate the lyrics......


wo2.gif (837 bytes) wu1.gif (468 bytes) Another of the popular "friendship" songs


xi.gif (578 bytes)    lionsymbol.gif (283 bytes) liang.gif (428 bytes) This song reminds me of both my secondary school and my JC days......


yi.gif (568 bytes)    lionsymbol.gif (283 bytes) wu.gif (443 bytes) Another of the 19 SC's songs, sung during the work sessions and special events


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(Dick Lee)

One of the greatest love song ever composed !


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For the first 3 months in JC, I was preparing for huangcheng.gif (591 bytes), and this song just reminds me of the days when I have to stay back in school everyday for the rehearsals


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tan.gif (423 bytes)

I caught this melody first from a musical box and fell in love with it


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hong.gif (444 bytes)

Are you (am I) still pursuing the dream you (I) had in the past?  Are you still persistent in travelling the road less travelled......


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huangyingying.gif (435 bytes)

From a Chinese movie, superb music arrangement and vocals.  Did you bury your heart somewhere too?



qiyu.gif (336 bytes)

"I remember quite clearly now when the story happened....That time we used to be happy,well I thought we were.  But the truth was that -  you have been longing to leave me, not daring to tell me......"


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