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The Big Ben Chapter in Afro Beauty Magazine.

Alden, Nicky & Shaun


Who is Groove Phi Groove?

Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc. was founded on October 12 1962, by 14 young minority men at Morgan State College in Baltimore, Maryland.  In the turmoil of the 60's, these young men felt a need to create a new and progressive force in society that would address the needs of the emerging ethnic community.  This organisation was to be based on Afrocentric pride and principles in the hope of continuing the process of uplifting the community, and society.

Currently, Groove Phi Groove have over 65 thousand members across the United States and is now looking towards international status.  The Big Ben Chapter here in London, has taken one step in achieving that goal.  Founded in 1998, the chapter has marked itself in the entertainment field and has dedicated time to community and charity events.


What is the purpose?

The purpose of Groove Phi Groove S.F.I is to promote academic awareness and good ethnical standards, to promote unity and fellowship among college and graduate level men, to create intelligent and effective leadership, and to study and create solutions to those problems facing society, in order to improve the stature of mankind.  We strive to strengthen and improve our members in mind, body, and spirit.

If you would like to see more on Groove Phi Groove, check out Big Ron's Groove site.


Kashmera Modelling Agency


Kashmera is a constituted voluntary group based in Stratford, East London.  The organisation has formed into a "Catwalk Modelling Consultancy Group" run by a management team of three: June, Sheila, and Sola.  Each member of the management teaches various aspects of modelling and organise fashion shows with style and creativity.  They also provide entertainment performances within their shows highlighting and promoting many upcoming talents in the community.
The Big Ben Chapter's association with Kashmera began in the summer of 1998.  Since then, we have created an outstanding business relationship, looking to them for advice and guidance.
If you are interested in modelling or you would like to audition as entertainment, give them a call on 0181 281 3200.

Check out the Kashmera web page.


Kashmera at The Afro Hair and Beauty Show


Big Ben Chapter Members

Look out for the Big Ben Chapter Entertainment page.  It will be here soon!!

Alden Charles  (AKA Cass)
Nicholas Onwu
Shaun Mclean


If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

From the distinguished gentlemen of Groove Phi Groove