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Goliath Name: Goliath

Position: Garrison, Sergeant

Age: 1064 years

Gender: Male

Race: Gargoyle

Weight: 290lbs Flesh; 2,000lbs Stone

Born: 933AD

Weapons: Standard issue Garrison rifle and bowie knife. Emanon sword and Light Magic if needed.

Additional info: A growing member of Emanon and The Garrison, will protect its members full heartedly. Any who would dare to attack one of my brothers or sisters will face my full wrath.

Clothing: Emanon white armor. Belt containing a radio, cuffs, and extra clips for my rifle. Issue military camo pants.

Other Info: 7' in height with a wingspan of 24 ft I am the leader of the Manhattan Clan. Forced to forge a new life in a new world. My only love betrayed me and now I am alone. I was birthed and hatched in a rookery cave below Castle Wyvern over a millinium ago. I acquired this name from the Captain of the Guard after my first battle with the vikings as leader. I am truly loyal to my protectrates: Manhattan NY., Sherwood OR. (my home town) and all my friends. I will uphold the law and rules of Emanon.

I currently have no mate.

I was with Fellanora

for awhile. My dear friend Krissie

I have two children born through my ex mate Demonalisa, a fellow member of Emanon and still a wonderful friend. Our children's names are Jared William and Michaela Briana. Both hatched on July 28th 1998.

Was mated with DeTragedy for four months. For reasons known only by us and a handful of others we broke up but are still friends.

My my my don't I get around. Going to have to put a stop to that. :P