Unsafe Safe Handling
My Story

I've created this page to inform others like myself on a very important issue. This issue is safe handling. I work as a manager at a local movie theater. One of the main parts of my duties is handling money. At the end of the day, when all of the business is said and done, I lock the theater's money in a safe, much like this one, in fact, it is this one.

On one glorious Friday evening, I was placing $1000 in quarters, which I might add, isn't the lightest thing in the world, into the safe. I musn't have been paying very much attention to what I was doing because before I knew it, I had slammed the door right on my fingers.

I heard a slight crunch, much like breaking a celery stalk in half, at which point I screamed some kind of expletive. I ran down the stairs, on pure adrenaline, of course, and quickly requested that one of my employees fill a plastic bag with ice. I wrapped paper towls and the bag of ice around my hand and securely fastened it with the belt I was wearing. I broe out into a sweat and began to feel faint. I dropped to my knees and almost passed out. After 40 minutes of still managing (making sure the movies were running and someone was behing concession), I was finally convinced to go to the hospital. X-rays were taken of my entire hand to see the extent of the damage.

After the X-rays came back, I was told that the tips of my middle and ring finger had been crushed. My middle fingertip had been cracked and my ring fingertip had just about been pureed.

The doctors sewed up my ring finger with eight stitches because the force of the safe door had split the tip. I also have severe brusing under my fingernails on the two fingers. These were taken two days after the incident.

This was the lovely dressing that I had to wear for a week. It kind of gets in the way of threading up the film projectors, considering I couldn't much bend my fingers.

I hope this notice will keep others from needlessly smashing their fingers in a safe at there work place. If this page keeps one person from following in my footsteps, then I have not pained myself in vain.


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