slay belle

BUFFY'S GET-BUFF TIPS Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy on WB-TV's hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, spends hours a day rehearsing to kick vampire butt. How does she keep her energy up? With rockin' workouts and smart eating. Here, her routine: To strengthen leg and butt muscles (crucial for those high kicks). Sarah Michelle likes to in-line skate along the beach. Tip: Keep your bod low to the ground and your legs bent to get the best workout. For mega-buff arms and shoulders, she practices punches and jabs as she bounces on a mini-trampoline. Other awesome upper-body tones include push-ups, chair dips, and biceps curls with light dumbbells. To keep her bod long and lean, Sarah Michelle does marathon stretching sessions or practices yoga on the beach. Another favorite: Pilates, a system of holding different intense poses to stretch, sculp, and strengthen muscles (lots of dancers use it). Other crucial stuff: She tries to get as much sleep as she can, which she says makes all the difference in her energy level. Power-napping for 15 to 20 minutes at a stretch is one of her fave pastimes - whenever she can sneak it in. Here diet mainstay is lean protein, like skinless chicken and fish. And she just says no to coffee and soda - the caffeine gives her an initial burst but makes her crash soon after. ---Reprinted from YM magazine - August 1997---