TV Show Tapes

Hi everyone!

I am looking for the any episodes from the following TV shows (past and present).

If you have any of these and are willing to make copies or make a trade, please contact me at If by any chance we cannot work out a trade with what I have, I will cover all the costs of dubbing the tape, and pay you for your time.

I greatly appreciate any help! Thanks so very much for your time!

Leaving L.A.

  • all 8 episodes

    High Incident

  • season one only

    Spy Game

  • Dead and Gone, Honey
  • What Family Doesn't Have its Ups and Downs
  • And That About Concludes Our Session

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  • Pilot
  • The Coma Episode
  • The Kidnapping Episode
  • The Bob Episode
  • The Sins of the Father Episode

    Seven Days

  • Last Card Up
  • Last Breath
  • Daddy's Girl
  • There's Something About Olga


  • Pilot part one
  • a couple others, I forgot their names!


  • A few from seasons 1 and 2

    Strange World

  • Pilot episode only

    EZ Streets

  • A Terrible Beauty
  • St. Jude Took a Bullet
  • Every Dog Has Its Day
  • One Acquainted with the Night