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"...what are you planning to do in his absence?..."358KB
"...everyone was talking with funny accents..."277KB
"Air Chickens!" "Air chickens? Yes!"158KB
"Air Cow!"175KB
"Air Pig!"22KB
"Air Tractor!"22KB
"Billie, a comely female specimen..."349KB
"...if somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly, why cannot I?..."244KB
"Oh, Blunder"22KB
Introduction to Brain Noir370KB
"... you actually found a cab in LA."206KB
"...the result would be catastrophic..."218KB
"... you don't even know how to spell cerebrum."323KB
"Please, Pinky, you are practically the poster child for cheeze wiz."216KB
"I see clams! Big, shirt-less clams!"127KB
"You have the IQ of a deck chair."55KB
"In the words of the immortal Yogi Berra, it's deja vu all over again." 122KB
"...after I that cow, I was looking for the dish that ran away with the spoon..."301KB
"You have all the reasoning power of drywall."63KB
"After him, Pinky! He's about to engage the machine!..."164KB
"...Yes, it's not often you met and intellectual peer, is it Pinky?"162KB
"We believe this is evidence he was planning to take over the world..."116KB
"Why don't you go off some where and evolve."65KB
"Hit the floodlights!..."157KB
"This guy is one green maraschino cherry shy of a fruitcake, Pinky. Let's get out of here."114KB
"...We don't know what's good for us!..."205KB
"We hastened to the palliation abode of my nemesis..."207KB
"I've gone to...Heck."44KB
"You can stop auditioning, Pinky. No one is hiring for village idiots anymore."97KB
"My parents they're driving me insane...169KB
"Curse you John Deere!"44KB
"The fact your mind is not clouded my medicaiton only fills me pity."119KB
"Nah Nah Nah Nah"49KB
"I hate to disturb your life long mental nap."65KB
"To coin a phrase, Ouch!"79KB
"I'm going out of my mind!..."135KB
...accept them they way they are..."160KB
"I shall fabricate a wild and improbable story in order to convince the public that I am the victim of a hidden plot..."267KB
"Egad, Brain, we'll be all right, won't we?..."108KB
"Don't make me lock you in the glove department..."156KB
"Yes! This is a pain that is most promising!"79KB
"I intend to prove that Mr. Brain is not a mouse..."194KB
"Brain loved rainy days..."249KB
"I sense that life has taken another sardonic twist."74KB
"I'm not without a certain degree of mockish sentimenality."76KB
"Don't make me separate you." 46KB
"I feel week and sheepish."39KB
"At least I don't put a :-) on every line."67KB
"...Mr. Wizard would be proud."115KB
"...We're stable!...280KB
"You are in a strange place, Pinky. I do not envy you."72KB
"This is much more funnier than the Stud." 87KB
"...that was almost as thrilling as our whirlpool of fun back at the lab..."241KB
"I contend that Mr. Brain is simply too intelligent to be a mouse..."144KB
"Just as I thought. The same eerie quiet that haunts the artic tundra."102KB
"...My joy for you is unbounded."114KB
"I find your manner unpleasant."54KB
"What is this, unplugged?..."131KB
"Let's not be vindictive, Pinky."38KB
"While you been rocking out to the magical voices inside of your head..."189KB
"Whatever! Just whatever!"66KB
"Whirlywind! Whirlywind!"85KB
"...wish you were there..."291KB
"...What are you suggesting? What do you know?..."249KB
"...I just love the Z-Files..."159KB

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