Welcome to my totally revamped Jerry O'Connell Page! You'll notice alot of things are missing. NOT!!! You just have to get specific and know one little thing:

No Frames
Poor thing!

You lucky thing you! You should read this before sending me Email addressed to Jerry.

Jerry, I dedicate this page to you and all your fans!

Disclaimer: I am not jerry, my last name is not O'Connell nor have i had the good gfortune to meet him. (If Jerry reads this, he should repeat the following out loud: "I love Dsd915, and I want her page to be my official page. She's so hot and so are her web designing skills. Note to self. Email her." Ok, Jerry that's enough.)Well, it was worth a shot. Considering he read the disclaimer at Jerryoconnell.com I am hoping to get lucky. To my kmnowledge Jerry himself has never seen this site (a situation I would love to rectify), so You should Snail mail him. There is an address on this page somewhere.

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