Pilot- The Honeymoon-
When Mike and Carol get married havoc breaks out at the wedding and they end up bringing the kids on their honeymoon out of guilt for yelling at them.
1)Dear Libby-
The kids fear one of their parents are unhappy with them after reading a letter in an advice column, about a similar family. The kids try to act perfect until Dear Libby arrives to clear things up.
2)A Clubhouse Is Not a Home-
The boys refuse to share their clubhouse with the girls and after many battles in sharing everyone works together to build the girls their own clubhouse.
3)Kitty Karry-All Is Missing-
Cindy's doll disappears and she accuses Bobby. Tiger is eventually convicted of the crime when Bobby's trial has a hung jury.
-Jan develops an allergy, and when everyone thinks it's Tiger they bathe him to try to keep him from having to leave, until the real cause is found.
5)Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy-
Because of a lack of space Cindy must choose only one parent to attend the school play in which she stars.
6)Alice Dosen't Live Here Anymore-
Alice thinks she's not wanted because the kids go to Carol with their problems now, but when she decides to leave everyone stages a plan to make her feel wanted.
7)Father of the Year-
Marcia nominates Mike for father of the year but begins to reconsider after he grounds her for sneaking out to mail the letter.
8)The Grass Is Always Greener-
Each think the others job is easier, but when they switch roles for a day, Carol finds dealing with the boys, and Mike finds dealing with the girls, isn't so easy.
9)Sorry, Right Number-
Mike buys a pay phone out of frustration with his family's bad phone habits.
10)Is There a Doctor In the House-
The kids get the measles and the family tries to choose between their male and a female doctors.
11)54-40 and Fight-
The boys and the girls Compete for who will choose what the family buys with their trading stamps by building a house of cards.
12)A Camping We Will Go-
The Bradys go camping to explore togetherness and have trouble fishing and sleeping, when the boys become resentful of the girls presence.
13)Vote For Brady-
Greg vs. Marcia in an election that divides the girls and the boys.
14)Every Boy Does It Once-
Bobby thinks Carol is out to get him and tries to run away.
15)The Voice of Xmas-
When Carol loses her voice and can't sing the whole family loses it's Xmas spirit.
16)Mike's Horror-Scope-
Mike is hired to design a factory for a demanding hard to please client that causes stress in the house when the work keeps him away from his family.
17)The Undergraduate-
Greg gets a crush on his teacher but she diverts his attention by introducing him to her athletic husband.
18)To Move or Not to Move-
The kids try to scare off potential buyers of their house by haunting it.
19)Tiger! Tiger!-
Tiger runs away and the Brady's scour the town to search for him.
20)Brace Yourself-
Marcia gets braces and when her date to the dance cancels everyone tries to get her a date and help her self esteem.
21)The Big Sprain-
Alice hurts herself while Carol is away and the kids learn responsibility by having to clean and cook for themselves.
22)The Hero-
Peter saves a girl's life when a wall of shelves nearly falls on her, but being a hero goes to his head.
23)Lost Locket,Found Locket-
Jan receives a locket from an anonymous source only to lose it, and find it with the help of a reenactment.
24)The Possible Dream-
Marcia fills her diary with thoughts of Desi Arnez Jr. , but it's accidentally given away, and after a search of used book stores it's recovered during a visit from the man himself.
Season Two
25)Going, Going.....Steady-
Marcia chases her first crush taking on his hobby in order to get him to go steady.
26)The Dropout-
When Don gives Greg a compliment on his baseball it goes to Greg's head and he becomes obsessed with his future in the game.
27)The Baby-sitters-
Greg and Marcia sit with their siblings but have trouble getting their parents to stop worrying and checking up on them, especially when Cindy gets symptoms of a cold.
28)The Treasure of Sierra Avenue-
While playing the boys find a wallet, then try to find the owner and collect the reward.
29)The Un-Underground Movie-
Greg struggles for creative control of his history project, a film staring all of the Bradys about the early settlers.
30)The Slumber Caper-
When Marcia is accused of writing an insulting caption on a picture at school she didn't do, she accuses someone else of the crime. She learns a lesson in not making accusations when the real culprit comes forward at her slumber party .
31)Confessions, Confessions-
Peter breaks Carols favorite vase, and after an attempt to fix it fails, the other kids take the heat so Peter won't miss a camping trip.
32)The Tattle-Tale-
Cindy turns into a nark and rats out her brothers and sisters.
33)Call Me Irresponsible-
Greg gets a job in Mike's office where he finds he's not as responsible as he thinks when he twice losses important plans he was supposed to deliver.
34)Impractical Joker-
Jan goes to far with her practical jokes when she almost gets Greg's mouse killed.
35)A Fistful of Reasons-
When Cindy's lisp gets her teased at school by Buddy the bully Peter is forced to defend her and himself in a fight.
36)What Goes Up....-
Bobby sprains his ankle trying to get into Peters club and clubhouse. His parents get him a pet bird and everyone tries to help him overcome his newly developed fear of heights.
37)Coming Out Party-
When their tonsils come out Cindy and Carol have a hard time keeping from talking and accidentally insult Mike's boss when she thinks it Mike trying to trick her into talking.
38)The Not-So-Ugly Duckling-
Jan develops a self image problem when the boy she likes isn't interested, so when trying to get rid of her freckles doesn't work, she makes up a boyfriend, until mom discovers a solution.
39)Tell It Like It Is-
Carol submits a story about her family to an editor, but he rejects it until he sees what the Brady family is really like.
40)The Drummer Boy-
When Bobby doesn't make the glee-club he tries the drums instead. When Peter does make the club his teammates teeze him until a pro athlete visits and changes their mind.
41)Where There's Smoke-
His parents find out he tried smoking and believe he won't do it again even when a pack falls from his jacket. The real owner, a band mate, is soon discovered.
42)Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up-
Jan wants to set herself apart from her sisters so she buys a wig to wear at a party.
43)Our Son the Man-
Greg gets his own room and turns it and himself into a groovy and more mature look, until he realizes he's overdone it and being a kid isn't so bad.
44)The Liberation of Marcia Brady-
Marcia tries to join Greg's scouting group to prove girls can do anything boys can. The boys retaliate by having Peter join Marcia's scouting group, the Sunflower Girls.
45)Lights Out-
Peter stars in a show at school with his magic act but the magic spooks Cindy out of being his assistant until she learns how it works.
46)The Winner-
All the Brady kids have trophies except Bobby, when he fails to win one in an ice cream eating contest on t.v. the family gives him one for trying so hard.
47)Double Parked-
Carol and the kids try to save their park by fighting city hall who's planning to put a building on it Mike' s firm is designing.
48)Alice's September Song-
An old flame visits Alice but turns out to be after only her money, until Sam puts him in his place.
Season Three
49)Ghost Town, USA-
The Brady vacation starts with a visit to a ghost town where an old settler, Zachariah Brown, locks them in jail.
50)Grand Canyon or Bust-
The Brady's finally get to the bottom of the Grand canyon where Bobby and Cindy get lost.
51)The Brady Braves-
Bobby and Cindy help an Indian boy who has run away, when he returns to his family they make the Bradys members of their tribe.
52)Juliet is The Sun-
When Marcia gets the lead in the school play she thinks she's not good enough to play Juliet, but after her family convinces her she is, her head is swelled so much it gets her thrown out of the play.
53)The Weeler-Dealer-
Greg is coned into buying a lemon of a car and after he fails at fixing it up, he tries the same con to sell it to someone else.
54)The Personality Kid-
Peter's convinced he lacks personality and tries to make up one until during his own party he discovers the chicks dig him.
55)Her Sister's Shadow-
Marcia and her awards get to Jan after she can't seem to win at anything until her essay wins a contest at school.
56)Teeter-Totter Caper-
Bobby and Cindy attempt to set a teeter-totter record after being made to feel little kids can't do anything important.
57)My Sister Benedict Arnold-
Marcia goes out with Warren who beat Greg out for a team at school, Greg retaliates by dating a cheerleading rival of Marcia's.
58)The Private Ear-
When Peter's siblings find out he's been recording their conversations, they teach him a lesson by planting a phony message about a surprise party for him.
59)And Now a Word From Our Sponsor-
The Brady's are chosen to star in a t.v. commercial and get an acting coach to help them prepare, but only after having a contest to make sure the new soap is better than their old one.
Against Carols wishes Greg plays football and when he gets hurt she doesn't let him continue. He pursues his photography hobby and takes a crucial photo of a disputed play.
61)The Not-So-Rose Colored Glasses-
When Jan avoids wearing her new glasses she accidentally destroys the new family portrait and she must scramble to assemble the kids and get a new one taken before Mike can find out.
62)Big Little Man-
Bobby frets over his size and tries to make himself grow, but he realizes being small has it's good side when he saves Greg and himself from being locked in Sam's met locker.
63)Getting Davy Jones-
Marcia promises she can get Davy Jones to sing at her school then finds he's not as easy to reach as she thought until he tracks her down after overhearing her break down to his manager.
64)Dough Re Me-
Greg writes a song and the kids form a group to record it, but when Peter hits puberty and his voice begins to change they must decide if they should record the song without him.
65)The Big Bet-
When Bobby wins a chin-ups contest with Greg he takes his power too far when he forces Greg to take Bobby along on his date.
66)Jan's Aunt Jenny-
Jan freaks when she thinks she may grow up to look like her ugly aunt Jenny until her aunt visits and she realizes how neat she is and how little looks matter.
67)Cindy Brady Lady-
Cindy feels left out of her sister's discussions on boys so Bobby makes her up a secret admirer. When he bribes a friend to do it Cindy nearly scares him off by pretending to be mature.
68)The Power Of The Press-
Peter tries to get a bad grade changed by writing nice things in his school paper about the teacher who gave it to him.
69)Sergeant Emma-
When Alice goes on vacation she gets the sergeant to take over. The Brady's soon revolt and scheme to find a way to get rid of her and the military rules and way of life she forces on them.
70)The Fender Benders-
Carol gets in an accident and must prove in court that it wasn't her fault.
71)My Fair Opponent-
Marcia makes over a wallflower and then ends up competing against her and the girls new ego for hostess.
Season Four
72)Hawaii Bound-
The Brady's vacation in Hawaii where Bobby finds a bad luck tiki idol that causes bad luck for those who wear it, including Bobby and then the surfing Greg.
73)Pass the Tabu-
After Alice and Peter get a taste of the bad luck tiki idol the boys find out more about it and decide to return it to the burial ground cave it came from to end the bad luck.
74)The Tiki Caves-
In the burial cave the boys are held hostage by a crazy professor until Carol and Mike come to their rescue and everyone, including the professor, go to a luau.
75)Today I am a Freshman-
Marcia joins a bunch of clubs to try to fit in at high school but realizes she's trying too hard.
76)Cyrano De Brady-
Peter's Crush on a girl leaves him speechless but when he gets Greg to speak for him the girl falls for Greg instead, who then tries to convince her he's no good.
77)Fright Night-
The boys scare the girls with a ghost outside their window. The girls scare the boys with a ghost in the attic. Then all the kids plot to scare Alice who ends up hitting Carol's bust in fright.
78)Career Fever
-Mike thinks Greg wants to be an architect, but Greg struggles for a way to break the news that he really doesn't want to be one.
79)Law and Disorder-
Bobby brings his job home with him and begins ratting out the other kids until he too must break a rule to save a girls cat, before over-soaping his laundry.Meanwhile everyone rehabs an old boat.
80)Jan the Only Child-
Jan only sees the downside of having siblings until they agree to be invisible to her and she realizes how lonely it is. Then everyone goes to the ho-down.
81)The Show Must Go On??-
Greg and Marcia get their parents to participate in a show at school where Marcia and Carol sing a duet and Greg helps Mike with a poetry reading.
82)You Can't Win 'Em All-
Mike and Carol have a dinner party while Cindy gets cocky for wining the chance to be on a quiz show where she freezes up.
83)Goodbye Alice Hello-Alice
Alice accidentally tells on the kids and they turn against her, until she quits and they find out what a drag her replacement is, so they hunt her down at her new job to convince her to return.
84)Love and the Older Man-
Marcia has a crush on her dentist and thinks he's interested in her too until she discovers he's married and she must break off their nonexistent relationship.
85)Everyone Can't Be George Washington-
Everyone thinks that because Peter is playing a trader that he is one too. He tries to quit the play to avoid all the heat but has a change of heart and performs anyway.
86)Greg's Triangle-
Greg gets to help choose the head cheerleader but must choose between his sister Marcia and his girlfriend Jennifer.
87)Bobby's Hero-
Bobby's hero gets him flack at school and at home so his parents try to find a way to convince him Jesse James was no hero, as a man who's father was killed by him explains to Bobby.
88)The Great Earring Caper-
Cindy steals and loses Carols earrings then tries to find them, but fails until the family has a reenactment.
89)Greg Gets Grounded-
Greg tries to live by exact words while Peter and Bobby search for the best jumping frog that ends up going on a date with him.
90)The Subject Was Noses-
Marcia gets two dates for the same night and must break one of them, but when her remaining date breaks their date because of her swelled nose, she realizes she picked the wrong guy.
91)How To Suceed in Business?-
Peter gets fired from his first job at the bike shop but has trouble telling his parents.
92)Amateur Night-
Jan messes up the bill on a gift for their parents and the kids must go on a t.v. show to try to win the money by singing.
93)Your Never Too Old-
Mike and Carols grandparents visit and end up eloping.
94)A Room At the Top-
A cleaning of the attic leaves it open as a bedroom which Greg and Marcia fight over it and move in and out.
Season Five
95)Snow White and the Seven Bradys-
The Brady's all star in a play to raise money
96)Mail Order Hero-
Bobby lies and tells his friends he knows Joe Nameth, but when he comes to town his friends call his bluff. Joe visits after receiving a phony letter about Bobby being sick.
97)The Elopement-
The Bradys mistakenly get the idea that Alice and Sam are eloping.
98)Audios,Johnny Bravo-
Greg is chosen to be Johnny Bravo but when he learns it wasn't because of his singing he rejoins the rest of the kids to sing.
99)Your Never Too Young-
Bobby thinks he's in love after getting his first kiss from a girl named Millicent.
100)Peter and the Wolf-
Greg's girlfriend needs a date for a visiting relative and Greg is stuck dressing up Peter to look older to use him but when the girls catch on they come up with a plan to get back at them.
101)Getting Greg's Goat-
Greg steals an opposing teams mascot goat and tries to hide it in the house while Carol is giving a tour.
102)Cincinnati Kids-
The Bradys go to Kings Island amusement park where Mikes plans get mixed up with a poster of Jans which she losses and the whole family must search for the plans in the park.
103)Quarterback Sneak-
Carols high school flame visits as Marcia tries to date the opposing teams quarterback Jerry Rogers. The boys dislike this idea especially when he's spotted trying to take Greg's football playbook. They set a trap with a phony playbook which Jerry takes.
104)Marcia Gets Creamed-
Marcia, then Peter, then Jan all get jobs at Haskell's when the manager takes time off until Peter, then Marcia get the boot.
105)My Brothers Keeper-
When Peter thinks Bobby is his hero he agrees to be his slave. Bobby takes advantage of this causing a rift and a decision to split their room, until Peter saves Bobbys life.
106)Try, Try, Again-
Jan thinks she's a no talent loser when she's a clutz at dancing, pon poms and acting until she discovers her one talent.
107)Kelly's Kids-
The Kelly's adopt three diverse boys who run away to the Bradys after thinking their causing trouble for their parents in their community.
108)The Driver's Seat-
Greg and Marcia bet on who's the better driver. Jan and Marcia get lessons on concurring their fear then Marcia competes with Greg on a Brady made obstacle driving course.
109)Miss Popularity-
Jan makes promises she doesn't keep when the elections over and then became the least popular girl at school and at home.
110)Out of this World-
Peter and Bobby see a U.F.O which causes Bobby to dream of an alien encounter until the military arrives and Greg confesses to his creation.
111)Two Petes in a Pod-
Peter discovers a clone in his school of himself and uses him to take out Mike's bosses daughter when Peter has another date for the same night but when his twin is late Peter must go handle both dates.
112)Welcome Aboard-
Oliver comes to live in the Brady house but causes accidents to happen and the wrath of the other kids until his luck changes and the Bradys get picked to be extras in a movie.
113)The Snooperstar-
To teach Cindy not to snoop in her diary Marcia plants a phony story about Mike's client, who Cindy dresses up as Shirley Temple for.
114)The Hustler-
The Bradys get a pool table as a gift and Bobby soon becomes a shark even beating Mike's boss at Mike and Carols dinner party.
115)Top Secret-
Bobby and Oliver get the idea that Sam is a spy and involved with the FBI because of some plans he gets from Mike.
The Hair-Brained Scheme-
Bobby and Cindy try to be entrepreneurs by selling hair tonic and rabbits. Unfortunately the hair tonic turns Greg's hair orange right before his graduation.