Milla Natasha Jovovich was born on December 19, 1975 in Kiev, Ukraine. Her mother is the Ukrainian actress Galina Loginova and her father is the Yugoslavian doctor Borgi Jovovich. Milla, an only child, spent the first five years of her life shuttling between the grim environs of what was then the Soviet Union and London, where her father was in medical school. Not suprisingly, her earliest memories of America are of "green trees and mountains and lakes. Big dogs." To ease the feeling of alienation brought on by her peers, Milla developed a fertile imagination and fantasy life, heightened, no doubt, by the majestly of the Sacremento forest and fascination with things mythical and magical. "I was obsessed with fairies," she recalls. "I loved them. And I felt like I belonged to the forest. Life, I thought, would be so much cooler as a wood nymph!" She moved to the U.S. with her parents when she was five years old. When she was nine, Milla, started into acting which led to modeling at age eleven. On 1988, she first stared in "Two Moon Junction" and "The Night Train to Katmandu" (TV Movie). Since then she has been in many movies. In 1991 she acted on "Idols" a TV special, but on the same year she did her first big scream movie "Return to the Blue Lagoon". In 1992 she stared "Chaplin" and "Kuffs". In 1993 she was in "Dazed and Confused" and, finally, in 1997 she did "The Fifth Element". She is also a model, so she has been in many ads, both print and television. She's been in Calvin Klein and dozens of other high profile ads, and in all the major glamour magazines. As singer, Milla has an album "The Divine Comedy" released in 1994, at age 18. It is a very good CD and she sings so well as she acting and modeling. Milla says she gained musical inspiration from Pink Floyd, Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins. Milla is a totally self driven artist, above all, being true or as she puts it in one interview "brutally honest" with herself.

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