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As the World Turns Links

The Official As the World Turns Web Page--The offical ATWT website is powered by Sony's "Soap City." You can access this site via either or

ATWT:The First 20 Years: This part of the ATWT News and Previews web site offers photos and thumbnail sketches of the people and characters from the first twenty years of ATWT. This is part of the larger As the World Turns News and Previews web page.

CBS' As the World Turns Website: This is the CBS Television Network's official web page for the show. Find out the latest news about ATWT straight from the network.

We Are the World: Marian DeJong runs this As the World Turns web page for Dutch fans.

Marina's As the World Turns Website: Included among the features on this web page are video clips, the great loves of several ATWT characters, and a rundown on who slept with whom.

WTON: World Turns Online News: Among the featured attractions on this web page are as follows: Critic's Corner, Performer of the Week, Family Tress, and Web Games pertaining to ATWT.

Sylvi's Soap Polls--As the World turns: Every week, Sylvi has a new poll question dealing with what's going on ATWT.

As the World Turns Discussion Forum: This ATWT message board, which has just been brought to my attention, is a forum for people to discuss matters pertaining to the show.

As The World Turns en Oakdale

ATWT Online at Also, check out the Critic's Corner segment.

Trent Dawson ("Henry Coleman") Fan Club, for fans of ATWT regular Trent Dawson.

The Lyla Peretti Collection, for fans of former ATWT cast member Anne Sward and her character, Lyla Montgomery Peretti.

Eileen Fulton Fan Club, for fans of longtime ATWT legend Eileen Fulton. The address is

Eileen Fulton's World--Fans of Eileen Fulton should also visit her website at's As the World Turns Discussion Board--This is a messageboard devoted to discussing ATWT. Access this board at YOu can also access this messagboard at

As the World Turns Yahoo Tape Trading Group--I just found out about this new website devoted to fans who want to trade ATWT tapes. The address is

The Tape Index--The Tape Index is a site that includes information on tapes of several soaps, including “as the World Turns.” The address is For ATWT full episodes, see, and also look at for 1980s compilations.

Links to Other Soap-Related Sites

Soap Opera Digest Online:This site is for the latest soap opera news and synopses. I urge you to check out the new "20 Years Ago" section of this site for synopses and features from the early years of Soap Opera Digest.

The Edge of Night Homepage: Fans of this mystery show, which premiered on the same day as ATWT, must check out this site!

Another World Home Page: This is the most comprehensive web page devoted to any daytime soap opera. If you are an Another World fan, check it out.

Daytime Soap Opera Theme Songs and Main Titles Page: In the interest of preserving and increasing awareness of soap opera theme songs and logos of the past, I have created a web page devoted to that subject. Check it out! The address is

One Life to Live History Pages This is for fans of "One Life to Live" who cherish its rich history. While you're there, please check out Marg Harris' detailed historical overview of OLTL's music.

Telenovela World:This is the best web page I know of that covers Spanish-language soap operas.

David J.'s Tape Trading Pages: This is a web page I just set up which lists some of the soap and non-soap video and audio tapes I can offer for trade for ATWT tapes. See if there's anything you want. Note, however, that the page still needs a few cosmetic refinements.

Yahoo! Clubs--Procter and Gamble Productions: This is an onlne club messageboard for people to discuss anything and everything having to do with Procter and Gamble and its soap operas. It costs absolutely nothing to become a member, so try it!

World of Soap Opera Themes Message Board: This is a place to talk about your soap opera music memories.

Cancelled Soap Operas Message Board

The World Of Soap Themes


Page of Summers Past: Long Island's Lost Day Camps--As a Long Island, New York resident, I felt a need for an unofficial history of Long Island's now-defunct summer day camps. Therefore, this is for you soap fans or other visitors who may have gone to or worked as a counselor at a Long Island day camp that is no longer in business.

My Long Island Memories and More--This new website, of which "The Page of Summers Past" is a part, is very much under construction.

Queens of the Gridiron: the Women and Girls of Tackle Football--With a growing number of high school girls playing tackle football, not to mention the recent emergence of several women's tackle football leagues, the time has come for this web page. The new address is also invite you to visit its companion site, Princesses of the Gridiron: the Girls of Tackle Football.



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