Hi, and welcome to my DBZ Page, for the people that have already been here, you see that my page changed and looks better than ever. For the people that are here for the first time, My name is Cris and this my page. I have or Im going to get many things. I have many pics and going to keep my page updated. This summer has helped me work on my site. I finally learned new HTML tags and script, so now i can inprove my page even more. So feel free to take anything you see in this page, I build this site for the fans of DBZ. If you have any question feel free to Email me at my address. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoyed making it.

Sometimes people ask me why do you like DBZ alot, and I respond, its fuckin cool, just see it and you get addicted to it. I know I did. I first started watching Dragon Ball Z in a Anime Club that I have at school. When I first started to see it, I was estonished of what had I saw. From that point on, I started to like all sorts of Anime, but not as much as Dragon Ball Z. I went to conventions just for DBZ, I now have alot of cool stuff that is costen me a bunch of money. These things are very expensive here in the U.S. I hope to go one day to Japan and stock up on lots of other great merchendise they carrie. Not only that but other great Anime. But the reason I like DbZ, is for the action fight scenes that they have. The villons, and hero are cool and sometimes even funny. Dragon Ball Z is my favorite anime. I also watch all the shows that they pass, I like the spanish shows the best it is on the majin buu series and getting good.

Please People if you read, Vote for me so I can be a top website.

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