The Official Newspaper of Lawndale High
Tuesday, September 1st, 1998

Mystic Spiral New Local Sensation

They may be young, they may be hip, but Mystic Spiral is not about selling out. The indy grunge band, led by Trent Lane and Jesse Moreno, former Lawndale High Students, is all the rage in local clubs and hangouts. We caught up with Lane during a nap in his Lawndale home where he resides with his sister, Jane, a student at Lawndale, and his mother Amanda.

Although Lane was a little groggy when we spoke to him, due to late--or early practice, he was happy to share his thoughts. "We're like artists", Lane says, "and this is how we express ourselves."

But what about the recent rise if cheesy bubble gum pop? Lane doesn't seem miffed. "Thats a good name for a band...Cheesy Bubble Gum." Check out Mystic Spiral Thurdsay night, headlining at The Pit. Till next time.
Lawndale High Student Wins Modeling Contract
Kevin Thompson, Quarterback of the Lawndale and Lions and student at Lawndale High, was recently awarded a modeling scholarship by the Amazon Modeling Agency. Thompson's winning looks caught the agency's eye during a recent modeling class held at Lawndale.

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