If I could beg, borrow, or steal any of the boys gun collections, it would have to be this one. In addition to an 1875 Remington, Ezra packs a Colt Richards conversion (the short barrelled blank-firing gun used in the pilot) in a shoulder rig and a deringer up his sleeve. The long gun he carries is a Remington revolving rifle, as elegant as the man himself.

Ezra's Remington, with a 5 1/2" barrel


Colt Richards conversion


The Gambler's best friend


The always delightful Remington Revolving Rifle



Although Ezra implied, during "Working Girls", that his deringer is a .45, I cannot find a reference to a double-barrelled deringer larger than .41 prior to this century.

Ezra's Remington sports a 5 1/2" barrel--a fairly uncommon length.



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