J.D. Dunne

Keeping with his enthusiastic nature, J.D. totes two pistols. His brace of Colts may, or may not, supposed to be 1877 DA Lightnings. The bird's head grips suggest they are Lightnings, but J.D. always manually cocks them, which implies they are single action. Currently, there are several SAs on the market sporting bird's head grips--the American Arms Regulator below is one example.

Although I've seen several websites that list JD as having "pearl-handled" Colts, the grips are actually ivory (well, fake ivory)--not pearl.

American Arms Regulator Cimarron Arms Thunderer, the Lightning's big brother.
Sheriff Dunne brandishing his
"Navy Colt".
Remington New Army Conversion

Winchester '66 Carbine