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Since he's such a great guy, Alexis has agreed to answer your questions. After I announced this opportunity, a lot of questions have come in. He's very busy, so please be patient if your question hasn't been answered.

UPDATED 10/7/99!!!!

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Q: What made you decide to attend Boston University? Was it their theater program and did you like living in Boston?

A: "I really needed to get out of NY. I had overcome as much as there was to overcome there and it was time to explore the world beyond. Admission was based on an audition process and I got a lot of scholarships and financial aid to go there. I had some wonderful times there and learned alot but I wouldn't necessarily go back to Boston. I was an ethnic kid from the Bronx in a racially torn city of conservative establishments and radical liberals during the age of "political correctness". I was like oil in water. It was in the top 10 Arts conservatory programs in the world though, 3rd next to Yale Graduate and Julliard. And it was a nice pit stop in life."

Q: Any plans to pursue a graduate degree?

A: "At some point. I haven't narrowed down what it would be in. Definitely something other than Arts though."

Q: Do you have any family in Puerto Rico and, if so, do you visit there often?

A: "I have a lot of family in PR. I like to go back once a year."

Q: What has been your favorite acting assignment so far, and what has been your least favorite?

A: "Well, Stargate brought me a lot of glory and Touched by an Angel has brought me a lot of stability and business. In the end though it was probably The Eddie Matos Story for HBO. Something magical happened I guess and in terms of my craft, I feel I accomplished a lifetime's endeavor. My work with my comedy troupe is running a close 2nd though and closing."

Q: Will you be appearing in any upcoming Stargate SG-1 episodes?

A: "Yep."

Q: Do you get recognized a lot when you're out in public?

A: "At least once in any given place, but not so often for it to be particularly remarkable. Usually it's someone who's seen my work somewhere and has a genuine interest in claiming their support. I'm always really honored because it's always sincere. It's never a crowd unless its a publicity event so I can usually take a moment to chat."

Q: Have you ever been to Europe or Asia, and if so, do you have a favorite country or city?

A: "I've been to Paris once and revisited places from a past life. I loved it. I have friends all over the world but I haven't had a chance to get out that far in person. I will soon."

Q: You mentioned you were a fairly private person. Are you into the L.A. club scene or the celebrity party circuit?

A: "No I'm not. It's not so much because I'm private so much as it takes a lot of work and energy to keep up with it all. There are many more superficial people doing that than real ones. There are many more wannabees as well. It can be fun in small doses, but I prefer deeper relationships. I try to find people of such character that a club or a curcuit cannot define them. I have been allowing myself to go out a little more and appear in public a bit more but not really through those mainstream "scenes".

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