Ok, I've got a huge apology in store for those of you that have won one of my awards in the past. I was editing the page today to add a new award & I don't know how it happened, but it was deleted -- this is the first time something's been with my L&L2 page and it figures out of all the other pages contained here that it had to be the one that's hardest to replace -- I've only recently started keeping a record of the past winners so I unfortunately don't have every single page that ever won so it's going to be impossible for me to replace each and every page that was on the winners list. This's where you come in, if anyone has a page that won, or knows of a page that has won one of my awards that I haven't gotten back up yet, I'd be so unbelievably grateful if you could send me those URL's so I could put them back up -- I'm going to be browsing through sites looking for them and trying to remember past winners off the top of my head, but in the long run, I'm not certain that I'll be able to restore each and every one. The up-side to it is that those people have the awards on their page so we'll know they won, it's just a matter of finding each and every page with an award on it. I'm going to continue to give out awards and hopefully over time I'll get most of them back, I'm really sorry about this ): One more thing, since some of these are being done off the top of my head, if any links are wrong, or I accidentley put a page up that never won, let me know and I'll correct it asap.

Now, to submit your page, send your Name, URL & the name of your page here. I'll get back as soon as possible, but lately I haven't been able to make the one webpage per week schedule, instead I do it every couple of weeks and pick one webpage for each week that went by, it's easier that way, so don't worry if you don't have a response by the end of the week, I most likely didn't pick them out by then, hopefully things will speed up a little more when my school work eases up.

I'm using this award while I make new ones, you can still get the old ones here. I'm going to be adding new awards with pictures from GH shortly but for now you'll just have to use this one or the old ones - You can always change them later on.


Note: They're are going to be ALOT that are missing, I simply can't remember them all, if yours is missing let me know and I'll put it up right away, thanks and sorry for all the trouble ):

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