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Liz & Lucky/GH Teens Clubs

LEGA- Keeper of Lucky & Liz's romantic dance at No Name

LEPA- Keeper of Liz & Lucky's Jailhouse Rock Number

LEA- Keeper of Lucky & Liz's date at No Name

L&LBeliever's- Keeper of Lucky & Lizzie's first kiss at his apartment

BHFC- Keeper of Becky's love for her adopted pet squirrel, Beaker

LSGA/AFL- Keeper of Lucky & Elizabeth's 'Almost' kiss


Lucky & Liz 4 Eva'- Keeper of Lucky & Elizabeth's First Kiss

GHNM- Keeper of the moment Lucky held Liz in his arms and they realized they were in love then shared a tender first kiss

YGGA- Keeper of the love in Lucky & Liz's eyes when they look at eachother

L&Luver's- Keeper of Lucky's trying to untie Liz's apron

Lucky Addict's- Keeper of Lucky's face when Liz asked him to kiss her

RHPFC- No keepership at this time

TOGH- Keeper of the moment that Lucky sung 'Elizabeth' to Liz

SLL(Support Lucky & Liz)- Keeper of the the 'Elizabeth' song Lucky wrote for Lizzie

Misc. Soap Clubs

SBGA- Keeper of the scenes where Brenda tended to Sonny's wounds after he was shot

RRFC- Keeper of Ned & Lois's + Liz & Lucky's First Kiss

GH/Days Together Forever- Keeper of Lucky & Elizabeth's First Kiss

TylerOLFC- I don't have a keepership for this one

VMOFC- I don't have a keepership for this one

SBFC/JMGA- Keeper of Jason's loyalty towards Carly

Sudsy Soaps- GH Keeper: Keeper of Liz & Lucky's First kiss
Dawson's Keeper: Keeper of Pacey's sexy good looks and personality

Jason Shane-Scott Fan Club-

K&Junkies- Keeper of Joe's love for Karen

The Sunset- Keeper of Antonio & Gabi's Love for Eachother

Sunset Beach Updates- Keeper of Antonio's Adorable Smile

Buffy Clubs

These are some extra clubs I belong to, I know they have nothing to do with L&E, but I know alot of my L&E friends watch these shows so I'll put em' here anyway.

NOSFERATU- They don't use keepers

WPWP- They don't use keepers

NBFC- as you can see by now most Buffy clubs don't use keepers

RABID- Guardian & Protector of the night Angel & Buffy first said "I Love You"

Slayer's Society- again, doesn't use keepers

Buffy's Lair- Weekly Buffy Newsletter

Sunnydale Slayee- Best Buffy zine' out there

Dawson's Creek Clubs

JOSHAHOLICS- Josh Jackson Club/Zine' (For major Pacey & Josh lovers)

Dawson's Creek Newsletter- Keeper of Pacey & Andie's first kiss


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