Feeling  Lucky

GH's street-smart teen has learned a lot from his parents, Luke and laura Spencer. But now that he's estranged from them, he's concentrating on his new romance with Liz, helping old pal Emily--and, finally bonding with his half brother Nikolas


It was apparent that Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr., a.k.a. Lucky, had inherited his parents’ spirit and lust for danger from the moment he appeared on the General Hospital Scene in 1993.  The 11-year-old returned home from school one day to find his parents, Luke and Laura gone  -- and he knew what that meant.  He went into the hall closet and found the backpack loaded with all the essentials he’d need if he were to trek to Port Charles, New York from this small town in Canada.

His parents had taught him well.  They knew a time would come when Frank Smith’s mob would catch up with them and they’d be separated from their son.  If that ever happened. Lucky was to journey to Port Charles to find his aunts Ruby and Bobbie.  Which is exactly what he did that Halloween day in 1993.

After many adventures Lucky made it to Port Charles and found Kelly’s diner, a place he had heard about so many times from his folks.  Not being shy he walked in, asked for Ruby and introduced himself as her grand-nephew.  Ruby was thrilled to see the boy she’d never met and immediately called Bobbie.  Lucky promptly informed them that if all went well, his parents would be arriving soon.  And arrive they did.  Luke, Laura and their son soon settled down in Port Charles, having cut a deal with Frank Smith for him to basically leave their family alone.  Lucky was thrilled to have a home he now felt would be permanent and began making friends. Cousin Sly Eckert, son of Luke’s look-alike cousin Bill, became his best friend.  Two additions completed Lucky’s picture perfect family.  Foster, the Spencer mutt and the arrival of a baby sister, Lesley Lu (Lulu) a year later.

There was a special bond between Lucky and his dad that nothing, it seemed, could shatter.  The boy knew his father still participated in illegal activities to protect his family – he was even shot when he tried to protect Luke.  Lucky was paralyzed after the shooting but eventually learned to walk again.  When Luke finally killed Frank Smith, he thought his mob trouble was gone forever, but a deal with Sonny Corinthos put his family in danger again.  When the mob opened fire on the Spencer home, Lucky was ready to fight back  -- but Luke and Sonny wouldn’t allow it and sent the boy to safety in the basement.

Laura threw Luke out of the house after that incident, and Lucky was determined to reunite his parents.  He figured he could do so by running away from home and found the perfect time to do it.

His friend Emily was sick of living with her crazy adoptive family, the Quartermaines, and was determined to find a long-lost aunt in Boston. Lucky and Emily journeyed there, with Luke and Laura hot on their trail in the Quartermaine jet.  The couple never caught their son, but when they returned home, they found Lucky already there.  Eventually, they told him that his ploy had worked  -- they were back together.

Lucky was devastated when Lulu, his beloved kid sister, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and needed a bone marrow transplant.  He agonized over the fact that his bone marrow wasn’t a match, so he couldn’t help her, but was thrilled when a donor was found in the nick of time.  As Lesley Lu recovered, Lucky visited her in the pediatric ICU and wondered why another teen was also there.  A protective Lucky asked the young man what he was doing with his sister and the stranger answered, “She’s my sister, too!”  Lucky confronted his mother, and Laura admitted to both Luke and Lucky that she’d given birth to a son, Nikolas, years earlier, when she was presumed dead and held captive by the evil Cassadines.

Lucky took an immediate dislike to Nikolas and a rivalry between the brothers ensued.  That rivalry became even stronger when both fell for the same girl.  The minute Sarah Webber arrived in town, Lucky was smitten.  So much so that he decided not to visit his mother in Switzerland, choosing to stay in Port Charles.  Unfortunately, Sarah was more interested in Nikolas and just thought of Lucky as a food friend.  The girl who was truly infatuated with Lucky was Sarah’s younger sister, Liz, but Lucky wouldn’t give her a second look.

When school started, Lucky came to realize that a romance between him and Sarah would never be, but on Valentine’s Day, Sarah’s plea caused him to make a fatal error.  Lucky had agreed to attend the school dance with Liz, but assumed she just wanted to “hang out’ in a group.  When Sarah wanted to make Nikolas jealous, she invited Lucky to the dance.  He accepted and told Liz her sister would be joining them.  Liz thought they were going on a real date and was hurt.  She begged out at the last minute and went to the movies, later taking a walk in the park alone.  At the dance, Lucky became worried about Liz and left Sarah to search for her.  He found her crawling out of some bushes, badly beaten and in shock.  Lucky took her home where she admitted that she’d been raped.  Lucky now made it his mission to take care of Liz and wondered top his father how any man could do such a thing to a woman.

It wasn’t long before Lucky learned a shocking truth.  Nikolas revealed to him that Luke had raped their mother Laura long before they were married.  Lucky couldn’t believe it at first but soon confronted his father and hero, who was forced to confess the horrifying truth.  In Lucky’s mind, all that he’d ever thought he knew about his parents had been a lie.  He left home and ended up spending weeks sleeping on Liz’s bedroom floor.  The two bonded and he helped her survive the trauma of her rape.

Lucky later spent the summer in an abandoned box car, where he and Liz slowly fell in love.  When Laura returned to Port Charles, Lucky rebuffed her and found that his only confidante was Liz.

Lucky still wants nothing to do with his parents, but now that his friend Emily is being blackmailed, he’s teamed up with Nikolas to help her.  While it may be a long time until Luck and Laura have son back, bonding with Nikolas might assure that Lucky may end up with some family.

Soap Opera News, Nov. 3 issue

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