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Buckshot was my favorite show, it aired on CFCN in Calgary from 1967 to 1992, making it the longest running Canadian children's television show ever. Buckshot then hosted "Toon Inn" on Saturdays until 1997. Hopefully he'll be back again soon. from left: Buckshot (Ron Barge), Farley (mannequin), Foghorn (firefly), Clyde (owl), Rodney Rodent, Heathcliff (male dragon), Benny the Bear, Daphne (female dragon)... (all the puppet characters were performed by Jim Lewis (he was also "Woodrow T. Beaver").

I'm afraid I'm not 100% sure about some of the names - please write me if you do. (Special thanks to Aaron Klotz for his help.)

Phil Gordon-Cooper was also the hand behind (up?) Benny T. Bear. This was while Jim Lewis was off pursuing his music career. (thanks to Debbie for this info).


me on The Buckshot Show (I'm giving Buckshot a peanut butter candy) aired Dec. 10, 1977?

The following is a newspaper article I aquired: After 30 years on channel 3, children's entertainers Buck Shot and Benny T. Bear have been Tooned out. The 25-year-old Buck Shot Show, which evolved into Toon Inn five years ago, has been bumped by Baton in favor of a similar show from Toronto. Still one of the cities most recognizable personalities, Buck Shot (a.k.a. Ron Barge) said it was a sad development but "it was a great long run." Puppeteer Jim Lewis, the voice and helping hand behind Benny, still hopes to team up with Barge on other special projects. Both Lewis and Barge began their careers with CFCN as cameramen and soon found themselves as the principal entertainers on the live show which Calgary kids used to rush home from school to see five days a week.

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