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From "TV Guide", Michael Logan in an article entitled "Sunset Beached" reffering to the show's cancellation: 

We are going to miss certain players, especially Clive Robertson and Susan Ward, who, after a shaky start, achieved true super couple status as Ben and Meg (if Pierce Brosnan ever quits playing 007, Robertson could replace him in a heartbeat). 


Ben&Meg are gone from the NBC Daytime, but they are not gone from our hearts. For many of us they never will be, not only due to all the magical moments they gave us on our small TV screens, but also for a much greater reason.
The Beyond the Sunset page is my tribute to the two incredible actors, whose portrayal of the legendary couple brought together people from all around the world and united them into a vigorous, loyal and supportive family, of which I am a part. Out of my respect and gratitude for Clive and Susan, as well as my regard and loyalty for all my cyber-friends, I decided to create a page which will follow the careers of the duo and thus give their faithful fans a place to come to when they will want to know where "Ben" and "Meg" are now.

I have no doubt that the careers of those two extraordinarily talented people will bloom in the future, treating us all deliciously with many film and TV appearances. I will be here to tell you where to look for their familiar faces, which were part of our lives for three wonderful years.

And meanwhile, if you're Clive and Susan starved and just want to talk to the rest of us, Clive&Susan Lovers, please, join the Beyond The Sunset mailing list. It was founded in mid-1998, and -- known as Ben&Meg Lovers -- blossomed in cyberspace. We decided to stay together despite Sunset Beach's cancellation, to remember the show, to remember Ben&Meg, to follow Clive and Susan, and to keep the friendship alive. You're most welcome to join us. Join in and keep the legend alive ;-)

by Alan Carter
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