The Power Ranger Thunder Dome

I heartily welcome you to the Thunder Dome, the all Australian branch of the Power Rangers. Now, you're probably wondering just where I came up with the name, 'Thunder Dome' for my site. Well, there were two reasons - firstly, all the good names for PR sites are taken, and secondly, it is my personal tribute to the greatest zords the Power Rangers ever piloted - the Thunder Zords!

Now, I realise that this is only one of hundreds of similar sites, so I have tried to keep things just a little unique, and as such, this particular site is home to numerous pieces of wisdom and entertainment that you won't find anywhere else online. There's the Thunder Dome's episode guide, where I've tried to catalogue all episodes past and present. Be sure to check out the Power Ranger Battles (which the red dragon and I are particularly proud of), as well as our tribute to the greatest ever zord in the whole PR universe, the inspiring Heroe's Creed, the Thunder Dome's very own Survival Guide for the Power Ranger Universe, and feel free to head over to the Thunder Dome Links Page.

Anyway, feel free to have a look around, stay a while or email me with comments or suggestions. Just be careful of the red dragon - he's been known to lurk around the Thunder Dome when he's hungry, and if you upset him, well, the word 'barbecue' doesn't even begin to cover it :-).

BTW - I'm sorry if the background image of this front page takes a while to load, but the Red Dragon and I really liked it, and we thought we had to rip it off, uh, I mean borrow it from another site :-). Anyway, I think it's worth waiting another few seconds for it.

May the Power protect you!

I always wanted to say that.

Thunder Dome Bulletin Board

Not much to report in with these days, dudes and dudettes. The Thunder Dome is currently in a state of "what you see is what you get." But never fear. The red dragon and I are a-okay, but caught up in the whirlpool of reality. Ah, such is life... Oh, and I've fixed up the problem with my email address. There should've been a .au in there at the end, I'm honestly sorry about that, I don't know how that could have slipped past...


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Yet another monster of the day bites the dust

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The Thunder Dome, made for your enjoyment by the webmaster, aka, Peter. Seriously, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me. My address, though, is spambot-protected, so remove the 'X's before sending.

Oh no, another monster is attacking Angel Grove! Oh well, you know who to call! Seriously though, there is something I have to say - the images for this site come from a number of sites that no longer exist (including Manny's Morphin' Grid site, the Power Ranger Online Archive), as well as The Writer's Guide to the PR Universe, AstroRangers Homepage, The Power Ranger Info Source, Power Rangers eXtreme and, oddly enough, Barry's Temple of Godzilla.